Proposed date for National Programme Forum for West Midlands

Proposed date for National Programme Forum for West Midlands in Birmingham

March 2017:

I am just emailing about the Programme Forums that have been taking place across the UK for section based ACC, ADC, DESC, DSNC and equivalent roles to support leaders with the delivery of a quality Programme locally.

The events so far this year have been well received and we have all really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to members across the UK about high quality programme.

In particularly, members have fed back that they have liked having the chance to network with people in similar roles from different Counties; they have enjoyed discussing how quality programme is supported by the different roles and they have liked attending workshop on different areas of the programme.

We are now starting to look forwards to the 2017-2018 Programme forums, taking on board the feedback that members have given us so far, such as putting workshop titles online in advance and having more advanced communications.

With that in mind, I attach the next proposed dates for the next set of Programme Forums running from November 2017 through to April 2018.

For the West Midlands, we are proposing Saturday 3rd February 2017. 

Saturday, 3 February, 2018 (All day)