YouShape 2017

The National #YouShape team have announced that the #YouShape resources are live and ready for you to use. There are a few different resources to make #YouShape month in February 2017 a success in your local area, but these resources are also designed to be used at any point in the year to encourage Youth Shaped Scouting.

Activity Inspiration

This 31 page resource is jam packed full of inspirations and ideas to help you plan your own #YouShape activities. From the District Youth Commissioner organising a #YouShape camp, to the Section Leader planning a #YouShape night, there are activities to suit every role and every section in here.

This year we have shown how each activity links to badges from the section, making it even easier to link it to the Programme. We’ve also included an evening planner for each section, to make running your own #YouShape evening is even easier.

View the Activity Inspiration Pack by clicking here.

Wear Their Necker 

This year we are launching Wear Their Necker, which is a platform for young people to influence their Scouting experience by taking on a new role for the day. This could be as simple as a Scout running their section for the night, to an Explorer Scout shadowing a County Commissioner. Why not give a young person the challenge of being your County Commissioner for the day?

Find out more about Wear Their Necker by clicking here.


This year we are asking each Group and section to pledge to take part in #YouShape and to make sure their young people are listened to. There are three levels of #YouShape involvement, starting at Bronze working up to Gold.

View the factsheet for more details about what the pledges involve.

Get started and download the Pledge Resource now.

Resources for Youth Commissioners and Managers

This year we’ve put together a Youth Commissioner’s guide to #YouShape which provides guidance on how you can take part in #YouShape. There are also suggestions on continuing to promote Youth Shaped Scouting beyond #YouShape month.

View the Youth Commissioner Guide to #YouShape

We’ve also compiled a guide for Managers. This has practical advice on how to support Youth Commissioners during #YouShape month, including how to recruit and appoint one if you don’t have one already.

View the Managers' Guide to #YouShape

Finally, if you’re a Youth Commissioner or Manager in Scouting, don’t forget about the Action Plan Toolkit that the UK Youth Commissioner team have developed to help your local Youth Shaped Scouting action plans.

View the Action Plan Toolkit.

Share what you do

Don’t forget to share what you get up to throughout #YouShape month by sharing it on social media using the hashtag #YouShape so we can see what you are up to. If you don't use social media please still share your updates with us via email at

We’re also featuring stories on our social media channels about how Youth Shaped Scouting has influenced your life. Want to be featured on a #YouShape Insight? We’re looking for anyone involved in Scouting; from a County Chairman to a Young Leader, we want to hear your story! Submit your story on our #YouShape Insights web form.

We often share exciting updates and new ideas in the weekly Scouting+ email newsletter, so make sure your communications preferences in Compass are set to receive this.

Finally, we wish you the very best in running an awesome #YouShape month, and hope that you get as many ideas as you can for your local area as you can.

Yours in Scouting,

Hannah, Jay, Jagz and the #YouShape team