Visits Aboard Process

The Visits Abroad Process has changed

You want to take Young people abroad!

But what is involved ? How do you go about planning the trip? Isn’t there a lot of paperwork ?

Going abroad with Scouting is often a lot easier than people think. There is a very clear rule and process to follow and lots of people with international Scouting experience to guide you on your journey.

First things first –  Discuss your ideas with your Group Scout Leader (GSL) and/or District Commissioner (DC) and obtain their provisional approval.   Chat with the young people to see where they would like to go. There are a number of different types of international experiences that you can go on. Take a look at Globetrecker to find out where other Scouts Groups have visited and get ideas for your trip.

Step 1- talk to your Assistant County Commissioner International (ACCI - in our case this is Ann Clark, DCC Programes and International) who will supply you with a process checker and 2 forms.

Step 2 - Submit Part A of your Visit Abroad form to your ACCI as soon as you’ve decided on the basic details: Where, When and Who is going. The definite numbers and dates can be confirmed in Part B.  This should be at least 8-12 months ahead of your planned visit.

Step 3- Plan your trip with support from your ACCI, DC, other volunteers where relevant. ACCI supports you through your visit abroad process, ensuring you have everything in place and making sure it gets approved by the relevant Commissioner. They can also notify Scouts in your host country that you’ll be arriving and issue you with a letter of introduction.

Relevant Commissioner approves your visit abroad, confirming that it is planned in line with TSA rules and guidance.

Step 4 - Submit your Visit Abroad form with Part B completed. This will confirm all the details of your trip including your programme, relevant risk assessments and details about your In Touch process. Your ACCI and relevant approving Commissioner will assess your visit and give approval for the visit to go ahead as planned or offer more support to ensure it’s a valuable and safe trip.

Headquarters: receive your visit abroad abroad form from your ACCI after it has been approved by the relevant Commissioner. This ensures they know where UK Scouts are in the world and can offer support and assistance where needed. 

Click here for full details of the new Visits Aboard Process.