Long Service Awards

We are have recently become aware of several problems at Headquarters relating to the issue of long service awards. These are as follows:

During 2016, Headquarters undertook a catch-up exercise with respect to long service awards using the information they retained on MMS (the predecessor to Compass). Unfortunately most of the awards processed were actually dispatched 3 to 4 months after the date shown on certificates (so Commissioners have not been sitting on them).

Most long service awards issued during 2016 are not showing on individual's Compass records as there is currently no award function on Compass and the length of service awards have, up until August 2016 been produced on the old MMS database. Any length of service awards issued since November 2015 have not yet been uploaded to Compass.

In November 2016 the decision was taken by management to suspend the automatic length of service process whilst a new process is developed as the data being used is almost three years out of date.

Hereford & Worcester apologies for these problems which are completely out of their control.