Most adult roles in Scouting require an up to date Scout Association Disclosure. This includes all Executive Committee roles, all Advisors and Section Assistants, i.e. most roles. For the definitive list (or if in any doubt) look in Table 1: Appointments in The Appointments Process at the back of Policy Organisation and Rules (POR) for the complete list.

In late August, The Scout Association informed all adult volunteers who needed, but did not have a current Disclosure that they had 30 days in which to complete (not just start) a new Disclosure application. This information went to their recorded contact details (normally e-mail address) on Compass. Those 30 days are now over, so in  October, The Scout Association are starting the mandatory suspension of all adults who have not had a valid Disclosure for 30 days and require one for their role. Note: Line Managers have no discretion about these suspensions.

In future, adults whose Disclosure is soon to expire will get 3 month, 2 month and one month warnings - so please check that your contact details on Compass are up to date and correct. New Disclosures are requested on Compass and then actioned using the Atlantic Data system. Full details are provided on the Compass Support site at link: https://compasssupport.scouts.org.uk/ 

If you are in any doubt about your own Disclosure or contact details, please log into Compass and check them.