Climbing Experience Day

Climbing Experience Days for Adult Members. Activate Logo

Experience and training days for adult members of the Scouts and Guides, give it a go and see what climbing has to offer.

Over the winter we are planning to run a series of days to encourage Adult Leaders and Scout Network Members to gain experience of climbing on Real Rock or at some of the larger indoor climbing walls.

Maybe you are logging experience for a permit or maybe you just want to improve your own personal climbing or learn a few new skills?

Ideally we would like to run the majority of these days at outdoor venues but I’m sur the weather will give us the excuse to spend a few days at indoor walls too!

Who is this for?

The real rock days are open to all adult members of the Scout and Guide movements (18 and over) who wish to gain experience of climbing at natural rock crags and indoor walls. You can be at any level of experience from the beginner who just want to come along and see what it’s all about to the experienced climber.

What is the aim of these days?

The aim of the days is to get leaders out climbing, hopefully they will then pass on what they have learnt and experienced to the young people they work with. It is not important what age level you work with.

Who is organising the climbing?

The days are being organised by members of the Activate Team.

What are the dates?

The dates for 2016/2017 are as follows: -
15th October, 13th November, 10th December, 8th January, 11th February, 12th March

Where will the meetings take place?

It is intended to use various crags which are accessible from Hereford and Worcester The exact venues will be finalised a few days before each meeting to allow us to assess the weather.

What will happen on bad weather days?

The meetings will be moved to a large indoor wall such as the Warehouse at Gloucester.

Do I need to book?

Yes - you need to contact Tim Jones at any time before each meeting to confirm details on 07709138575 or   At your first meeting we will collect your full contact details and, if you wish, add you to a mailing list to keep you updated of other climbing activities coming up.

What will this cost me?

Individuals pay their share of transport costs, any admission fees if we climb indoors and a small hire fee if they need to borrow any personal climbing equipment i.e. helmet or harness.

How will the group travel and what equipment do I need?

The plan is to travel in private cars and meet up at the crag. All climbing equipment will be provided but please bring your own if you have any. You will need to come dressed for a day in the outdoors and will need a packed lunch with drink.

Could I bring along one or two of my own Scouts or Guides? 

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No. These days are strictly for adults. If you would like to run a day on natural rock for your Scouts or Guides then why not book a session with the Activate Team instructors. 

Sunday, 13 November, 2016 (All day)