The Future of Severn and Teme Scouting - we need you

Please come to our District wide meeting. 14th April at 8pm St Michaels HQ. Please park in Vale road car park.

We need all of you there to give your views, to get to know whats happening in the District and to discuss ways forward to improve our District.

So whether you are an occasional helper, an assistant leader, section leader, a member of the Group executive  or any other role in your group or the District, we need you.

You are all, according to Compass, members of scouting in Severn and Teme which covers Tenbury, Abberley and Witley, Far Forest, Bewdley and Stourport. As you may or may not know, we have not had a District Commissioner for the last 12 months. In addition we have struggling groups some without Group Scout leaders or effective Executive Committees. Most groups also struggle to get enough adult support.

In addition District Scouting, that is District run/supported events, have been few and far between. Group Scout Leaders aren’t getting together regularly and I believe apart from the cub section, there is little joint working between the section leaders.

We do have a fledgling District wide Cub Section gathering under the coordination of our ADC Cubs and one of our Scout leaders has started organising Scout troop district wide events.

However without pulling together the District itself may not survive.

We need you all to work together as a District

PLEASE PASS ON INVITE TO ALL including parents who are interested and young leaders. ALL ARE WELCOME.

Please reply indicating yes or no, so that we can judge numbers. If you can’t make it, please ensure someone from your section comes.

Please tell everyone. 

Please note Compass is now open to all leaders. Please check and edit your own details including Disclosure. If it is out of date now or in near future tell your GSL. Please also check your training record, if not accurate tell your GSL or contact me or Faith.

If you did not receive this directly, let me know your name and email address and I will find out why your not.

See you there



Brett Carrier
Severn and Teme District Scouts
Hereford & Worcester
District Executive Chair
Facebook: Severn & Teme Scout District 

Thursday, 14 April, 2016 -
20:00 to 21:30