Known Compass Issues

A few key temporary Compass system problems that we are currently aware of include:

  1. Resetting Passwords. This has apparently caused a problem for some. We understand that the main problem is that people are putting leading zeros on their membership number; whereas these should be omitted.
  2. Alerts. These are causing real problems as they are sometimes spurious and contain wrong / inadequate data. Headquarters are currently trying to find the root cause of the problem. My suggestion was to switch them off! However until they do switch them off or correct them, some may be right, others wrong. We have recently become aware of a list of all automatically generated e-mails and alerts in Compass. This can be accessed by clicking here.
  3. Disclosure Checks on Compass. There are some issues with backdated data on Compass not showing / linking properly. If you have problems with individual cases the only solution is to contact the Information Centre (through your local support)
  4. Line Managers. Sometimes you get no options in the drop down box for selecting a line manager. This is often because the individual’s primary role is not set correctly (e.g. Superusers have no defined line managers) so try changing the individuals primary role first. If this does not work, you can still move forwards without a line manager (but only if really necessary).
  5. Replace role option. There is currently a problem if you try to use this option, it will not set dates correctly (normally set to today’s date regardless of what you put in). For the moment, the Information Centre suggest adding the new role then closing the pervious role separately. This normally works, but we do sometimes find issues that you cannot close the previous role on the date you’d like. Nevertheless it is a better option to use.
  6. Start dates for Roles. Once the role is full, the start date cannot be changed. To get the correct start date a new role will need to be added, and the role with the incorrect start date closed.
  7. Scout Network members. All 18 to 25 year old members are automatically members of UK Network. Starting soon and scheduled to be complete by April 2016, Headquarters are going to automatically add these roles. We have been advised not to do anything.

A few issues to be aware of:

  • Reports are only updated only overnight – so you can update records on Compass, run a report and get out of date (typically by a day) information.
  • By default all training defaults to ‘not required’ – which in our view is silly and prevents the bulk uploading of training data. It would be far simpler if the default was training required and then the Training Advisor could go through an individuals record and say when prior learning was OK. We have raised this many times and it sounds like it is finally being investigated.
  • Despite having been promised it before Compass was restored, we still do not have mappings from all MMS roles (and those with role descriptions on onto Compass, e.g. MDM -> Communications Manager and County Safety Coordinator -> County Coordinator? These mappings must exist, we are having to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to find each out.
  • There have been some instances of problems encountered with Compass and Atlanatic Data when used from tablets, e.g. certain fields or buttons not appearing. We therefore recommend that if you are doing something critical (like an identity check), whenever possible, this is done from a computer rather than a tablet.