Operation Bald Eagle 2015

Bald Eagle Haeding  Title

October 2015 and Rhydd Covert Campsite was under siege from Eagles, Dangerous Poisonous Koalas: Tigers, Flamingos, Wolves, Swans, Clowns, Stags, and twyning titans.  No… the Safari Park had not left the gate open. These were some of the teams of Scouts from Hereford & Worcester and Gloucestershire who had pitched their tents on a dark Friday night in October. And like all the other teams from 20 troops were intent on taking the Bald Eagle back home with them.


A busy Friday evening saw Scouts rushing about meeting all their rivals for the special Friday Evening Trophy. Saturday dawned very early as eager scouts collected their Day Base Challenge sheets and set off retrieving unexploded mines, scaling the heights, jousting, walking planks, competing with the lions to find their team members and having a go at old fashioned texting! 



As darkness descended a large cloud of yellow clad youngsters with twinkling lights departed the camp site in various directions in search of the correct hike route and scattered night bases. Some even remembered to take a compass!

We counted them out 241, 242, 243, 244,…..

Muffled laughter could be heard from the surrounding countryside as each team found their way along the lanes and completed the laser challenges, the dreaded wall  and of course the popular Burgers and hot dogs base. 


As Saturday became Sunday, we counted them back in …90 …128 …197… 239…. 240…244…   (not one did we lose- thanks to Clive and the team ) Still laughing and joking they consumed yet another Burger before disappearing into their tents.  All the team had to do was work out the scores before dawn broke.


The closing ceremony began with a Scout’s Own presented by our Jamboree Contingent members, followed by presentation of the Trophies (see photograph below).

A first for 9th Kidderminster who took home the Bald Eagle amid very noisy celebrations. Operation Bald Eagle remains a successful event because of the great team work by the Rhydd Covert team: Leaders from all over the 2  Counties; Young Leaders; but mostly the Scouts who lived happily together for the weekend and made many friends whilst competing by the rules and having lots of fun.

I thank everyone involved for their support and for making this event so successful. 

Ann Clark DCC Programes and International 


Here’s to OBE 2016………………………………….see you there. 


Meanwhile below you'll find some pictures of everyone at the closing ceremony. Can you spot anyone you know?
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