Barney Beaver's 30th Birthday Challenge


 Beavers 30th Image

Welcome Hereford & Worcester Beaver Scouts!

To celebrate your 30th Birthday, Barney Beaver has put together 30 Challenges for your Colony to take part in during 2016.

This will involve taking part in some old and some new activities, whilst having lots of fun. We have linked all of the 30 themed challenges to an Activity or Challenge badge; that’s lots of ticks towards your Chief Scout Bronze award.

All Beaver Scouts who join in will get a special 30th Birthday Badge and Certificates will be awarded to all who complete the challenges

The Colony who completes the Challenges in the most original way will get an additional surprise Prize

Can you do it – YES YOU CAN !!!!

Do your best

                   Barney B.S.

To Enter the Challenge Competition: Please complete the registration form with the names of all Beaver Scouts who are taking part and send it to me with a cheque for £10 per Colony (payable to Hereford & Worcester County Scouts). I will send the badges which can be worn during the year. Please also state the number of Leaders and they will get a badge as well.

Your Challenge booklet and all forms can be downloaded below.

When you have completed the challenges, please fill in the completion form with a list of all the Beaver Scouts who completed the Challenges and a very brief description of what you did and they will receive certificates. Closing date: October 31st 2016

To apply, and for further information please contact:

Ann Clark
Email:             Telephone: 01299 826862