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Water Activities


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This page cover a wide range of water activities and information to help you get your members on to the water:

  • Paddlesport including Canoeing, Kayaking and Bell Boating
  • Powerboating and Narrowboating
  • Boat inspections – useful information if your Group or Unit has its own boats including canoes and kayaks
  • The National Directory of waters – which waters you can use in the UK including details of Hereford and Worcester.


This covers such activities as canoeing, kayaking and bell boating.
A raft of general information about these activities can be found on The Scout Association Website using the links below:

Canoeing    Kayaking    Bell Boating

The County run a number of events over the year to support and encourage members to get on the water and paddle their own canoe so to speak.

Training EveningsClose up canoeing
Over the summer months the Activate Team runs evening sessions at Top Barn Lake near Hallow which is a few miles north of Worcester. These evening sessions are designed to introduce members of all ages to various paddling activities.  Evenings are advertised on the County Calendar and the Activate Events Page or you can get more information by contacting the Activate Team direct on

The County can offer bespoke train experiences for members and adults in the various paddling disciplines.  For Leaders wishing to gain a Permit in this area both training and permit assessment can be provided.

If you are looking to gain a permit and require further information then click on the link at the top of this page.

If you are interested in a bespoke event or training for your members then contact the Activate Team Direct on

Power Boating

Powerboating and Narrowboating

This covers activities using a range of powered craft including Narrowboats.

A raft of general information about Powerboating can be found on The Scout Association website by clicking here.

For information specifically on Narrowboating on The Scout Association website by clicking here.  

Nattow Boating

The County offer bespoke training experiences for members and adults in the various aspects of Powerboating and Narrowboating.  For Leaders wishing to gain a Permit in this area then both training and permit assessment can be provided. For information on any aspect of these activities, contact John Stribblehill the County Advisor for Powerboating and Narrowboating. John can be contacted by e-mailing .

Boat inspections including Kayaks and Canoes    Registered

All craft used by The Scout Association must be checked to ensure it is fit for purpose and suitable for the activity on each occasion it is used. It is the responsibility of the permit holder or activity leader to make sure craft and associated equipment are properly checked and maintained. 

Groups, Districts and centres may have their own systems for equipment checking, however the responsibility remains with the permit holder or activity leader to check the craft before use. 

Further information can be found about boat inspections by clicking here.

If you want help with boat inspections do not hesitate to contact Rob Williams DCC (Activities) via e-mail at  Rob will be able to put you in touch with a suitably qualified person who can give you practical advice and guidance.

National Directory of Waters  

The national directory of waters exists to provide a guide to our members as to what level waters have been graded.  POR Rule 9.44 (a) states that 'All waters used for scouting activities must be classified as C, B1, B2, B3 and A in accordance with Rule 9.44 (b).'Midlands Canal Map

An activity permit is required on any water classified as B1, B2, B3 and A.  For guidance on carrying out activities on water classified as C please refer to the information found on The Scout Association website (click here).

For full information as to the classification of all waters in England and Wales please go to list maintained on The Scout Association website (click here). This link will take you to general guidance about the National Directory of Waters. The menu on the left of that page will navigate you to specific rivers and waters throughout the UK, the ‘Rivers’ link, covers the Severn and Wye besides the Thames and Trent (click here). The Hereford and Worcester entry can be found by clicking here.

For further information about water access contact, in the first instance Rob Williams DCC (Activities) via e-mail at