Cubs Centenary Camp

Cubs Centenary BadgeThe Cub Scout’s 100th Birthday will be celebrated across the county throughout the year. 

Our main County edvent to celebrate our birthday is a County Camp from the 1st to 3rd July 2016 at Blackwell Court. Full details have been circulated via the ADC Cubs and flyers and forms are available to download below. Note: you need to book your Pack to attend by the 29th February 2016


We are also hoping to host a Thanks Event in 2016 to recognise the millions of people who have contributed to the success of Cub Scouting over the past 100 years. This would include helpers, supporters, parents and the wider community – more details to follow.


2016 will definitely be an exciting and fun packed year for all of our Cub Scouts!


November 2015: The following information has been sent to ADC Cubs in all Districts to coordinate bookings from each District.

Thank you for your patiences and understanding in the delay to getting the below and attached information out to you.

I can now confirm that after renegotiating with Blackwell, we are now able to offer the camp to the entire county without any limit on the number of places. This limit caused a huge displeasure across many Districts and I hope now that we are able to open the camp up to all, without a cap, we are all willing to embrace the County Camp to its fullest and I’m very much looking forward to camping with every single district in our county to celebrate our birthday!

Attached (to download below) is the flyer for promotion and a booking form for the event to be used by ADCs.

On the flyer there are two spaces which require your input – Cost (please add your costs on top of the camp costs) and who to book through in each District.  All bookings will need to be dealt with by yourselves and passed on to me as you’ll all be collecting monies for use for your district. I suggest that bookings are passed to me periodically (monthly perhaps), please do not leave bookings until the deadline (29th February 2016). 

 Ben Brookes - ACC Cubs

Friday, 1 July, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, 3 July, 2016 (All day)