Off-line Identity Checking

21st September 2015

In order to offer an alternative method to complete identity checks online, a paper Identity Checking Form has been introduced. This is not a change to the current process, but will assist the current identify checking process for Criminal Records Disclosure Checks in England and Wales, as requested following feedback from members.
The new Identity Checking Form can be used by adult volunteers in Scouting (who must have a current disclosure themselves), to record the details of applicant identity documents they have checked. The form explains the types of ID that applicants must provide from which document groups. Once complete, the form should be passed to the Leader, Manager, Administrator or Appointments Secretary to process the form and add the information to Atlantic Data. This may or may not be the same person as the ID checker. More information about checking identity documents can be found online.

Once the ID information has been added to Atlantic Data, the applicant will receive by email their log in details to complete their part of the process and then submit the application on Atlantic Data.

This new form allows for identities to be checked at a time and a place convenient for both applicants and the checker, and means that the ID checker does not have to enter the data themselves if this is not convenient. The only exception is if the applicant does not have an email address, in which case they will need to meet the processor at a time and place with internet access in order to complete the check.
The ID Checking Form is not replacing the existing Adult Information Form which can still be used to collect data from new adult volunteers, nor is it a new version of the old AA form.

The ID Checking Form can be ordered from Scout Shops, or downloaded as either a print friendly form or an editable PDF. More information about using the ID Checking Form and about submitting disclosure requests can be found online.

The Scout Association