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Applying for Adult Awards

The Scout Association has a national awards system for recognising good service, length of service and special acts of heroism and bravery, courage or endurance, and devotion to duty under suffering.

Being a national system affords it prestige and allows all applications to be considered objectively according to national criteria. Except in the case of recognition of length of adult service, awards are not made automatically, and proper, detailed justification must be made in every case.

Adult Awards

The Scout Association provide some comprehensive information (including forms) for applying for Adult Awards at link: ) . This includes great advice like example citations.

To complement this, the County produced some guidance in 2011 (which are available as a PDF to download below). This still stands, except that citations are no longer required for the Award for Merit (and Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service).

Common problems experienced with recommendations received include:

  1. Not including things like the individuals membership number, date of birth, address and current appointments.
  2. Not producing citations that do justice to the individual.
  3. Not understand the key criteria for Awards (see back page of the Awards form).
  4. Not checking that the individual has an up to date Disclosure.
  5. Not checking that the individuals's training record is up to date (and they have everything necessary for the Award like a Wood Badge for each role that they currently hold) recorded on Compass. Note: for all roles subject to a formal review, the individual needs to complete Safeguarding and Safety training at least every 5 years. Local Training Mangers may be able to help with this.
  6. Trying to fit more than one line of text into a box on the form so that all the columns and formatting of the form go wrong.
  7. Not saying anything about the individuals interests outside Scouting, i.e. Service within the Community.
  8. Leaving it to the last minute to submit St George's Day Awards (Silver Acorn and above). These need to be with the County Commissioner by the start of August for submission & receipt at Headquarters by the 1st September each year.
  9. Not providing separately a draft recommendation for the County Commissioner to use (vital when they do not know the individual).

Please make sure that all the above points are considered before you submit your recommendations. Use them as a check list - they really help!
At present we are stuck with the existing paper based forms, until an on-line system is rolled-out properly. The present paper based form is not ideal, but all we have. Please use it properly.

In 2014 the Commissioner Commendation Award was introduced (click here for details) for adult members. In September 2014, Hereford and Worcester County agreed that it would be awarded in the County based on the following criteria:

  • It must be something that is done clearly over and above the norm.
  • It should not be for something which would achieve a National Award.
  • It will be awarded for deserving adults who “have no other award and are not likely to get any other award in Scouting”.

There were no definite criteria. The application processes is for Members of The County Team to propose a case (normally via s simple e-mail) for the County Commissioner to make a decision, based upon the above.

We look forward to our valued volunteers appropriately receiving these prestigious Awards to recognise their contributions to Scouting. Many thanks. 


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