National AGM

National AGM - to be held at Gilwell Reunion.

We are writing to give you details of this year’s Annual General Meeting. Having considered feedback on how busy the month of September in particular is, the Board of Trustees agreed to combine the Annual General Meeting and Gilwell Reunion into a single weekend event to reduce the time commitment currently required for two weekend-day/weekend events in September. The Annual General Meeting will therefore be held at Gilwell Park on Saturday 3 September 2016. The exact timings will be confirmed to you in due course, but is likely to be mid-morning.

As this is the 90th Gilwell Reunion, and having taken the conscious decision to fully integrate the Annual General Meeting into the weekend, there is the opportunity to refresh the Gilwell Reunion format. It is intended that the programme will include inspirational keynote speakers, workshops and seminars, training events and activities, masterclasses and an exhibition. The aspects of what has been Council in Conference in previous years will be fully integrated into the Gilwell Reunion programme and as such will not be a single standalone aspect of the overall programme. In addition it is planned that over the weekend the handover of the UK Chief Commissioner role from Wayne Bulpitt to Tim Kidd will take place.

We hope this will assist with your planning for the year and give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend plus provide the opportunity for Council Members to meet and engage with a wide range of our adult Members. On a practical note Council Members will receive complimentary access for the Saturday [only] of Gilwell Reunion to enable them to attend the Annual General Meeting, full details of the practicalities will be made available in due course.

Kind regards

Ann Limb
Chair, The Board of Trustees
The Scout Association

Saturday, 3 September, 2016 (All day)