Compass Update

The Scout Association's restored membership system

Compass is now available for all adults.
Please login and check that your records are up to date, including all permits.

For more details, forums and guides, please see

We have also recorded a number of the issues with Compass that we are aware of. These can be found by clicking here.

Off-line Identity Checking now available - click here for more information.

Using Atlantic Data and Compass to manage disclosures - 11th June 2016

Following feedback we’ve put together some additional guidance on how to use Compass and Atlantic Data together to manage the DBS disclosures process. This support also reflects changes to some key features following user feedback.

Enhancements made to Atlantic Data.

In Atlantic Data we have made the following changes –

  • Added a search box for membership number to help search for an application using just a person’s membership number.
  • Added columns within the reports in Atlantic Data to show the applicants membership number, Scout Group, District and County/Area.  
  • The ability to process applications where applicants have symbols (hyphens, spaces etc.) in their name so you no longer need to change a person’s name in Compass before you start the application in Atlantic Data.
  • The applicant's middle name (if they have one) will automatically be moved to the middle name field within the application.

For further instructions please download the How To Guides for

  • the disclosure report in Compass
  • the reports in Atlantic Data
  • steps to process a disclosure application
  • process a disclosure application using Atlantic Data

Kind regards,

Rachel Davidson
Membership Engagement Manager

The Scout Association