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County Strategy 2018 to 2021


The most successful detectives owe their success to noticing small signs.
Scouts are natural detectives and never let the smallest detail escape them.
These small things are called by Scouts 'Sign.'

Robert Baden-Powell



Times are changing and we have to be prepared for these changes, no matter how small or what the signs are. Scouting is a movement and will move direction, to support our movement we too must be ready to face the requirements of the programme and direction of Scouting.  Scouting is changing and therefore what we do to support our volunteers is also important. The support, guidance, governance and direction that is given from County needs to be appropriate. As such we have created our strategy document to set out what we will be focusing on and how over the coming years. our areas of focus will be in line with the new vision programme, people and perception.




  • A fun, enjoyable, high-quality programme consistently delivered and supported by simple (digital) tools.



  • More, well trained, better supported and motivated adult volunteers and young people, from diverse backgrounds.



  • Scouting is clearly understood, more visible, trusted, respected and widely seen as playing a key role in today’s society