Cubs Activate 2018

Cubs Activate 2018 
Dear Leader,

In response to your feedback in 2017, gratefully received, we have had a sort-out, listened and decided that this year we would provide you with two separate events. That is a full day as normal at Rhydd Covert for dry activities, Saturday 9th June, preceded by two water sessions at Upton Warren on Saturday 19th May.

The main benefit of two separate days is naturally for the Cubs. They are taken on the day directly to the event(s) they choose with no two-way coach trip to the water venue; no trip to Upton Warren for those ‘having’ to go because most of their pack want water sports, and just as important, those packs selected for the afternoon session don’t arrive tired having been very active at Rhydd Covert earlier that day.

There is a good benefit too for those leaders and others instructing at Upton Warren and Rhydd Covert; the schedules aren’t disrupted by late arrival of the coach because of traffic. We all benefit there, not having to play catch-up at Rhydd.

Likewise we all benefit from our team not being split, many of them able and willing to assist at both events, doubling the fun for everyone, and enabling us to provide a greater range of activities at Rhydd Covert.

Naturally we can’t say whether the weather will be dry for the ‘dry activities’ or wetter for those on the water, but with your smiles, whatever the weather….

And Next Year, 2019, we will all be supporting the County Camp in Malvern – so see you there!

Thanks again,

The Activate Team.

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