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Executive Training

Are all our Group, District and County Executive Committee members aware of their responsibilities and up to date with current requirements?  Probably not is the common answer - a situation that only gets worse if we don't take action.

For example, are they all aware of changes introduced in the update to Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) in March 2017 including the one that now mandates that the annual statement of accounts must be in the format of one of four model annual statements?

Don't worry - we are here to help. The County offer intensive half day Executive Training Courses that: 

  • Cover all the basic requirements of Group, District and County Executive Committee Members (the charity trustees for each level)
  • Provide guidance and best practice for how to go about doing things in an effective and efficient manner whilst complying with all the Charity Commission and Scout Association requirements.
  • Provide support information for immediate use and so that you can later find out about all those unusual events that only occur once in life time. 
  • Provide question and answer sessions to address particular points of concern or issues from the participants.
  • Leave the participants feeling that they really understand their role and responsibilities for the first time.

These courses receive great feedback and are usually arranged and hosted by Districts for all their Group and District Executive members.  We typically accomodate between 12 and 50 attendees at one of the courses.If you feel that one would be useful in your area, please get your District Commissioner or Local Training Manager to make arrangements for a course with John Day (DCC Adult Support).  

Please always remember that Scouting cannot function without our adult volunteers, who cover so many important roles, including Executive Committee members. We must therefore ensure that they understand their roles and responsibilities and have the appropriate training, support and guidance to enable them to effectively undertake the roles.