Adult Training

Adult Training Courses 

Applications for training courses are rather slow this year so please take a few moments to see if you need any of them.

You will be able to see the full programme of courses for this year and 2019 in the Training Bulletin circulated last autumn.  If you have mislaid your Training Bulletin you can find a copy at this link on the County website by clicking hereThe course calendars are on pages 7 (2018) and 8 (2019).

Mandatory Ongoing Learning 

It seems that many Leaders have forgotten to check to see if their mandatory ongoing learning is up to date.  We are all obliged to try to ensure that our first aid, safety and safeguarding training is kept up to date.

The County Training Team are able to offer Safeguarding and Safety Workshops locally if there is sufficient demand.  Contact your District Commissioner to ask for a local training opportunity to be arranged.

Alternatively both Safeguarding and Safety training is available on line at  If you choose the e-learning option you will need to notify your Line Manager when you have completed the training so that they can arrange for your training record on Compass to be updated.

First Aid training needs to be up to date if you are due an appointment review.  It also must be up to date if you have completed all of your training and are due to be awarded as Wood Badge.  We have a number of Leaders who cannot have their Wood Badges yet because they have not kept their First Aid up to date.

So the clear message is