Roverway 2018

Full information about Roverway 2018!  (At last!)

Please pass this information on to those eligble to apply. It would be amazing if you can forward the information to those who can join Roverway and spend 15 minutes just going through the presentation. As per usual allowing the young people to decide!

Our County Commissioner has agreed for the county to take a patrol in principle pending the price confirmation- though it should be the same cost as last time give or take a few pounds (its in the information available to download below). But, we need people to apply to ensure we are viable. If we don’t get a full patrol there could be options to form with other counties- though we should be able to muster it!

In five easy steps the process is as follows:

  • Let everyone know
  • Show them the information and encourage applications (information and forms to download below)
  • Apply - deadline 15th June 2017 
  • Interviews will be scheduled by the County Programme Team
  • Appointments made

More information can be found at link: