An introduction from our County Youth Commissioner

We asked Nathan Read (pictured) to say something about himself following his appointment as our first County Youth Commisioner.

I’m Nathan the first ever County Youth Commissioner (CYC) for Hereford and Worcester. So, where did it all start?
I started Scouting when I was 6 as an annoying little Beaver Scout in Sandwell, and from there I progressed through Cubs, Scouts and Explorers before joining my current section, Scout Network.
In Sandwell became a District Youth Commissioner and then part of the County YouShape Team, as well as being part of my District Executive Committee.

My real passion for Scouting came when I turned 18 and realised the amount of opportunities which it had opened for me. It felt a shame to just give up Scouting when I moved to Worcester for University, so I joined the Black Pear Network in Worcester.

For a numbers of years I've had a part time job In McDonalds and I was fortunate enough to secure another such position with them in Worcester. If I'm not Scouting, I often do the night sift at weekends in Worcester McDonalds!

I saw the advertisements for the Hereford & Worcester County Youth Commissioner vacancy and that that it was me. So I applied and after having an interview in late November there was a very long wait. Then finally in early February I heard the news that I was the new CYC for Hereford and Worcester. Since then I’ve attended a national induction weekend, training events and local and national conferences. And with the ideas I have in plan I hope to get Hereford and Worcester County more YouShaped with you all involved!