Scouting Times - May 2017



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Welcome to the May 2017 edition of Scouting Times.
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Enjoy and find out about what has been happening in your County and what is forthcoming.
All past and future County events (and known details about them) are listed on the County Website ( and included in the County Calendar on the website. If you have any updates, please e-mail them to

As you'll see lots has been going on across the County recently and there are lots more activities planned for the coming months. Use the opportunities and get involved.

The next Scouting Times is planned for publication early September 2017, so if you have anything to contribute, please send it to by the end of August (preferably earlier).


An Interview with our new County Commissioner

We recently interviewed our new County Commissioner (Robert Sidley - or Sid as he is known) and thought you'd like to know some of the more unusual things we found out about him.
Sid's picture is shown below - so hopefully you'll readily recognise him. In case you are wondering, Sid is a Sea Scout and thus wears the Sea Scout Uniform.

Q: Where did you grow up? 
 I was born in Hereford and lived in a small village called Ewyas Harold after covering my Dad's police car in slurry and setting fire to the living room we moved to Worcester where I went to school and the rest is history.

Q: What was your dream job growing up? 
 To be an archeologist

Q: Tell us something surprising about yourself? 
 You need to talk to me to find out!

Q: Do you support a sports team? 
 No – completely neutral.

Q: Who’s your favourite 80s band? 
 That’s a tough one, I love the 80’s music era and have several favourites but none that Ill declare!. 

Q: What do you love most scouting? 
 Those smiles on the young people when they realise they can achieve. 

Q: What was your best memory of Scouting? 
 Walking through Gatwick airport enroute to Norway. Another co-leader was taking his scouts through customs when the scout decided to blow up a paper bag and they create an exploding sound…. 

Q: What do you think is the key to Scouting? 
: Help each other, respect our commitments and engage with the opportunity to push and explore new boundaries – the best being you get to do things you never thought you could and see individuals develop and explore the world around them, with all that entails.

Q: Where do you work? 
 I worked for a company called Inspiring Learning and head up the learning and development. 

Q: Favourite activity in Scouting? 
 Sitting back of a day and watching the campfire flicker. 

Q: What’s your best cheese joke? 
 Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced? Because he had greater plans! 

Q: Talking about food, what's your favourite type of food? 
 Saucisson (a variety of thick, dry cured sausage that originates in France), with some soft Normandy cheese and a few walnuts – purely divine!. 

Q: So now we know what food you enjoy eating, describe your perfect day. 
 A paddle down the river with my own thoughts then back home and relaxing with the family! 

Q: What's your favourite sport? 
 I’m not a huge sports fan, but quite partial to a day at the rugby. 

Now you know Sid a bit better and can hopefully make him very welcome!

An introduction from our County Youth Commissioner

We asked Nathan Read (pictured) to say something about himself following his appointment as our first County Youth Commisioner.

I’m Nathan the first ever County Youth Commissioner (CYC) for Hereford and Worcester. So, where did it all start?
I started Scouting when I was 6 as an annoying little Beaver Scout in Sandwell, and from there I progressed through Cubs, Scouts and Explorers before joining my current section, Scout Network.
In Sandwell became a District Youth Commissioner and then part of the County YouShape Team, as well as being part of my District Executive Committee.

My real passion for Scouting came when I turned 18 and realised the amount of opportunities which it had opened for me. It felt a shame to just give up Scouting when I moved to Worcester for University, so I joined the Black Pear Network in Worcester.

For a numbers of years I've had a part time job In McDonalds and I was fortunate enough to secure another such position with them in Worcester. If I'm not Scouting, I often do the night sift at weekends in Worcester McDonalds!

I saw the advertisements for the Hereford & Worcester County Youth Commissioner vacancy and that that it was me. So I applied and after having an interview in late November there was a very long wait. Then finally in early February I heard the news that I was the new CYC for Hereford and Worcester. Since then I’ve attended a national induction weekend, training events and local and national conferences. And with the ideas I have in plan I hope to get Hereford and Worcester County more YouShaped with you all involved! 

County AGM 2017 and County Executive Members

A Reminder: The 2017 Hereford & Worcester Scout County Annual General Meeting 2017 will be held:

At – The Scrumpy House, Weston Cider, The Bounds, Much Marcle,
Near Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2NQ

On Wednesday 21st June 2017

Time 19:30 for 20:00 start

All members are very welcome to attend.
If a vote is required, only members of the County Scout Council will be eligible to vote.
(Full Scout uniform, medals and decorations should be worn if possible) 
(Apologies can be sent to the County Secretary, Rita Grimes, at

Interested in joining the County Executive?
We are always on the lookout for new members, including younger members under 25. For further details and proposal forms please see link:  .
Interested? Then please complete and return the proposal form by the 6th June 2017.

National Representatives
This year we are also seeking a National Youth Representative and a National Adult Representative to the National Scout Council and represent the views of our County. You can find out more about these important roles (including role descriptions) at link: 
The proposal form can also be used for these roles.

The proposal form for election and draft minutes of last Year’s AGM can be found on our dedicated page at link:
Once agreed, the AGM Agenda, Annual Report and Annual Accounts will also be available on this page of the website. The later will be following the County Executive Meeting scheduled for the 7th June 2017.

World Scout Jamboree 2019

The 24th World Scout Jamboree is being organised jointly between Mexico, America and Canada. It will be held between 22nd July and 2nd August 2019. Due to the size of the Jamboree it is being held at Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia, USA. Approximately 40,000 to 50,000 Scouts from all over the World will be invited to the event with the UK allocation hopefully being between 3,000 and 4,000. This will be made up by a number of Units each containing 36 young people and 4 leaders.  County places will be allocated as a percentage based on the 2017 census numbers of young people within the required age range.

To qualify for a Youth Unit Member the applicant must have been born between 22nd July 2001 and 21st July 2005. The age for Unit Leader is over 18 years on 22nd July 2019. The cost of the Jamboree has not yet been quoted and interested parties will be informed as soon as this figure is announced. As a guide the last Jamboree hosted in Japan costed £3200. The 2019 cost will include all Jamboree fees, travel, uniform, local training camps / activities that may be arranged prior to, or after, the Jamboree. This amount will be confirmed as soon as we have details from Gilwell.

Please pass on this information to any interested members so that they are given the information and opportunity to attend this event. The cost of the Jamboree should not inhibit members from applying as funding and grants etc. may be available. A young person only gets one opportunity to attend a World Jamboree as a participant.

Interested parties for Assistant Unit Leaders can now apply. Details and application forms can be found below on our dedicated World Scout Jamboree 2019 page at link:

The closing date for Assistant Unit Leaders is the 14th May 2017. Adults who pass this initial stage will be invited to interview with 14 days. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified.

Young people application forms are available  on our dedicated World Scout Jamboree 2019 page at link: Separate information evening and events will be published in due course. We are providing this information to leaders so they are aware of the forms and dates. The main details will follow. However, the closing date for young people will be 10th September 2017. The selection event for those young people who pass the initial application stage will be will be held on the weekend of 6-8th October 2017.

All applications to be sent as per details on the application forms.

More details of the Jamboree can be found on

Roverway 2018

What is Roverway 2018?

  • An incredible European adventure for 16-22 year olds with support by an International Service Team (aged 23 or older)
  • Hosted by Scouting Netherlands and organised with the European Region of WOSM and WAGGS
  • The UK Contingent will be made up of patrols of participants, their patrol leaders, an International Service Team and a Contingent Management Team. We hope to have a contingent of 350 people.
  • The event will be 12 days in July and August 2018 including a UK Contingent pre-event (tbc)
  • Patrols will be formed of 6-8 young people, including a Patrol Leader aged 18-22
  • The recruitment of patrols will be channeled through Counties. Hereford and Worcester are seeking to send a complete Patrol.
  • Patrol Leaders will need to hold a valid Nights Away Permit at the time of the event. 

Potentially interested or know someone that is? Then look up the details on our dedicated page at link: . All applications for 16 to 22 year olds to attend have to be received by 15th June 2017 - so don't delay!


Is your Record up to date?




If the answer to any of these questions is "NO", then you need to update your record on Compass.  Apart from ensuring that your personal details - address, telephone, email - are correct you will need to look at the communications page:

New Training Schemes for Managers and Supporters

From John Day, Deputy County Commissioner for Adult Support

If you are a new Manager or Supporter appointed after 31st January 2017 you will be on the new training scheme which is available for you to use now.  So please start to progress your training if you have not already done so.

What does the new scheme look like in practice?

The previous Manager/Supporter modules are being replaced with more up to date resources, to better support our volunteers in these critical roles. The new training scheme will consist of: 

  • Getting Started - Essential Information, Personal Learning Plan and Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters)
  • Training for All Appointments - Fundamentals of Scouting, Changes in Scouting, Scouting for All, First Aid, Administration, Delivering a Quality Programme
  • Leadership and Management Training - This is structured around six core skill areas of leadership and management plus a module on safety. The learning opportunities for the Leadership and Management Training is split into two elements:
    • Independent Learning - this will cover the knowledge required by learners to understand the key topics of leadership and management and related Scouting processes. The learning will be accessed via a variety of methods, including videos, e-learning and workbooks.
    • Skills courses – this will consist of three courses (Skills of Management, Meeting the Challenges and Achieving Growth) where learners have an opportunity discuss and demonstrate different skills relating to leadership and management.   

You should be getting on with the Getting Started modules and the modules for all appointments - some of you will have covered some of these in your training for previous roles.  Some may need to be re-validated.

You can also make a start on the Independent learning and the following learning units are available:

Some of the elements of the Independent Learning are still being prepared but there is plenty for you to be getting on with.

The diagram below shows how each of the independent learning units is linked to a particular skills course

It is recommended that you complete the relevant Independent Learning Units prior to attending the associated skills course. The information in the Independent Learning Units is built upon in the skills courses and if this learning has not been completed in advance you may not get the most out of the course. 


Much more information can be found at this link:,864

What about the Skills Courses?

These will be run regionally by specialist Trainers.  We are not yet able to provide a programme of courses and will not be able to do so until later in the year.  This is because our specialist Trainers will not have been on the national briefings being run by headquarters until later in the year.

How will I get my new training validated?

Full details of the training and the validation criteria are contained in the new Adults Personal File for Managers and Supporters - a copy will be supplied to you by your Local Training Manager but in the meantime you might like to  see the document  at this link:

You will be allocated a specialist Training Adviser for Managers and Supporters (TA(M&S) - a new role created for this new scheme).  Contact your Local Training Manager to discuss who will be your TA(M&S).

Time is Marching On

From John Day, Deputy County Commissioner for Adult Support

Calling all Managers and Supporters who were in post before 31st January 2017
Time is Marching On!

Managers and Supporters who were in post prior to 1st February 2017 only have until the end of June this year to complete AND validate the old Manager Modules - 21, 23, 24, 25 & 26.

Failure to complete these modules by the end of June will mean a transfer to the new Manager and Supporter Training Scheme and all the additional work that implies.

So if you are one of the Managers or Supporters needing to complete these modules please make urgent plans to achieve that.  There are no more training courses available but if you need them there are workbooks available on at these links:

When you are ready to validate your modules please contact your Training Adviser or Local Training Manager but


Executive Training

As we enter the AGM (Annual General Meeting) season are all your Group, District and County Executive Committee members aware of their responsibilities and up to date with current requirements?  Probably not is the common answer - a situation that only gets worse if we don't take action.

For example, are they all aware of changes introduced in the update to Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) in March 2017 including the one that now mandates that the annual statement of accounts must be in the format of one of four model annual statements?

Don't worry - we are here to help. The County offer intensive half day Executive Training Courses that:

  • Cover all the basic requirements of Group, District and County Executive Committee Members (the charity trustees for each level)
  • Provide guidance and best practice for how to go about doing things in an effective and efficient manner whilst complying with all the Charity Commission and Scout Association requirements.
  • Provide support information for immediate use and so that you can later find out about all those unusual events that only occur once in life time.
  • Provide question and answer sessions to address particular points of concern or issues from the participants.
  • Leave the participants feeling that they really understand their role and responsibilities for the first time.

These courses receive great feedback and are usually arranged and hosted by Districts for all their Group and District Executive members.  If you feel that one would be useful in your area, please get your District Commissioner or Local Training Manager to make arrangements for a course with John Day (DCC Adult Support) or Derek Barnes as soon as possible.

Please always remember that Scouting cannot function without our adult volunteers, who cover so many important roles, including Executive Committee members. We must therefore ensure that they understand their roles and responsibilities and have the appropriate training, support and guidance to enable them to effectively undertake the roles. 


Training Change of Date


The date of the training weekend to be held at Blackwell Court in March 2018 has been changed.

It will now be held over the weekend of 2nd - 4th March 2018

Barney Beaver's 30th Birthday Challenge

From Ann Clark, Deputy County Commissioner for Programmes and International

In February I spent 2 wonderful, if exhausting, evenings at Colony meetings with winners of the Birthday Challenge. My first visit was to 1st Crowle Colony (shown alongside on the right) where I was greeted by a swarm of Beavers, busily running around bases run  by Young Leaders. When their energy was finally depleted they sat very quietly as they were presented with their certificate and trophy: but not for long, as we all shouted the loudest Bravo to thank their Leaders for helping them achieve the win.

My second visit was to 1st Astwood Bank Colony (shown alongside on the left).  Beavers arrived in 2s and 3s until the hall was full! I was allowed to join in,  as they practised for their fitness challenges; long jumps, throwing wellies, and ending with a hotly contested Tug of War. Again Young Leaders proved to be vital in this very active Colony. After the presentation, I again introduced the Beavers to the Scouting way of thanking Leaders by teaching them a BRAVO, much to the surprise of the Leaders.  Parents arriving at the end of the meeting,  covered their ears as the cheers could be heard in the centre of Redditch!

Well done to all these Beaver Scouts and to their dedicated Leaders, helpers and Young Leaders.

Birmingham Pride Event



Have you seen this??

From Ann Clark, Deputy County Commissioner for Programmes and International

Scout Headquarters appear to have a novel way of producing and advertising additions to the Young People’s training programme by introducing new resources in the way of a ‘Treasure Hunt’ There are now many very useful resources available on the Scout Association website (, BUT one needs the time and persistence of a Sherlock Holmes to find them. I have compiled a list to the latest links on the Scout Association website but am sure there are more to find. I will continue to try to produce monthly lists. Anyone fancy joining the Hunt?

Here is my latest list of ‘Discoveries’ 

REOURCES FOR PROGRAMMES                      MARCH 2017

The Young Leader’s Scheme:

 Developing skills workshops:

  Practical and outdoor skills

Peer Leadership

Inspiring world workshops:

Programme Updates and resources through partners

Royal Three Counties Show

Royal Three Counties Show 16th to 18th June 2017

After the success of the Royal Three Counties Show occasional badge in 2016 (click here for details), the Three Counties Agricultural Society is pleased to announce that the initiative has returned for 2017. The Royal Three Counties Show will run on the 16-18th June 2017 at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. The opportunity is available for all  Scout Sections, as well as being open to the Girl Guiding Community. Participation in the free badge includes pre-booked free admission to the show, with a discounted ticket available to parents/guardians. Full information including applications forms for tickets and criteria for the badge are available on our website at link:

Please note applications close on the 1st June 2017.


TREK 2017

    To download the PDF leaflet with full details of TREK 2017, please click here.

Top Awards Presentation

We will be inviting Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members from across the County who have achieved the Queens Scouts Award, Diamond Award, Platinum Award, Gold Award, Young Leader Belt, Scouts of the World Award or Explorer Belt Award to this great event on the 16th July 2017.
Watch out for your invitations!


Water Activities

Have you considered the following great opportunities laid on for our County:

The Activate Tuesday Evening Paddlepower sessions at Upton Warren?
Kayaking and Canoeing available.
Full details and booking forms are available at link:

The Activate Water Activity Weekend from the 16th to 18th June at Upton Warren?
Canoeing, Kayaking & Powerboating available with central catering.
Full details are booking forms are available at link:

Other Forthcomming Events

17th - 18th June - The Great Get Together. The Great Get Together is a fun-filled weekend to celebrate all that unites us, including Scouting, and was set up in memory of Jo Cox. Link:

23rd to 25th June - Strategy 2017 for Scouts. Link:

30th June to 2nd July - Evolution 2017 for Explorers. Link:

16th September - GSL Essentials predominantly for new GSLs, AGSLs and DESCs. Link:

13th to 15th October (provisional dates) - Operational Bald Eagle. Link:

St George's Day 2017

All 10 of our Districts held events on Sunday the 23rd April to recognise St George as the Patron Saint of Scouting and to re-affirm their promises. These events took various forms and pictures (with captions) of a number of them are available on our website under Photo Galleries at link:   (For those Districts who have not sent in a picture yet, we are still hopeful of getting one! Please send them to

In addition a number of our 2017 St George's Day Award recipients (we had eight in all across the County) attended the annual ceremony at Windsor Castle.
You can find out more about them on our website at link:

Congratulations to: 

  • John Day, Ian Newman, David Owen & Pat Rusher - Bar to the Silver Acorn.
  •  Faith Burgess, Julie Goodyear, Peter Johnson & Pam Owen - Silver Acorn 

Many of these Awards will be formally presented at the County AGM on the 21st June.

Evesham Explorers take over Town Council


During a recent visit to the Town Council Chamber at Evesham Town Hall, Great Bear Explorer Scouts learned about the responsibilities of the Town Council and how it fits into the local political scene.  Surrounded by the mayoral boards of honour on the walls of the Council Chamber, the social history of Evesham was brought to life by noting the variety of Mayors’ professions since the first Mayor was elected in 1605 – from market gardeners to web designers.

After a Question & Answer session, the Explorer Scouts got down to serious Council business.  They donned the Town Council gowns, elected one of their members as Mayor, installed a Town Clerk and held a mock Council Meeting.  They debated three proposals for mock environmental projects and decided by majority vote which one they would favour.

The event was hosted by Town Clerk Stuart Carter and Deputy Mayor Richard Jones, with Mayoress Sue Amor and Councillor Colin Tether in support.

Bärbel Wolstencroft, DESC, Evesham District

Kidderminster launch their Next Generation Appeal

Paralympic legend launches Kidderminster District Scouts’ Next Generation Appeal


A PARALYMPIC record-holder spoke of the importance of Rhydd Covert to future generations of young people when he returned to the Kidderminster Scouts’ adventure centre for the first time in 30 years.

Lord Holmes of Richmond – better known as Chris Holmes in the town where he grew up – was the special guest at the launch on Saturday 8th April of the £110,000 Next Generation Appeal to extend Rhydd Covert’s facilities with a 22-bed dormitory.

Lord Holmes told guests about his time as a Scout with the 8th Kidderminster (St John’s) Group and said: “So many of my adventures started from Rhydd Covert and I was so lucky to be in Scouting in this area. Here I was taught so many skills that enabled me to go on and be so lucky to achieve what I did later in life. Resilience, grit, determination, courage, flexibility, adaptability and just being prepared to get stuck in – these are the skills you would want at any time. But we face an uncertain future in the labour market, and developments like the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence and robotics, are all going to fundamentally affect every single person. And it is not going to be qualifications or university degrees that will get people through. It is going to be all of those skills learned in a place like Rhydd Covert.”

Lord Holmes is one of Britain’s most successful Paralympic swimmer with 15 medals from four Games, including nine golds, and his achievements make him a role model for anyone facing adversity.

Futsal Tournment

In April, South Marches District  had their first ever Futsal Tournament. For those who don't know: Futsal, or futsala, is a variant of football played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors. It can be considered a version of five-a-side football. Futsal is played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Unlimited substitutions are permitted. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines; walls or boards are not used. Futsal is also played with a smaller ball. The surface, ball and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces.

Approximately 100 Beavers from the 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th Hereford and Holmer Scout Groups took part. It was an amazing tournament, everyone enjoyed it and at the end it was voted by the Beavers that there should be another one next year. All the Beavers went home with a medal each. Many thanks must go to Joe and the two referees from Herefordshire Football Association for their hard work and organisation.

Congratulations to Tupsley Jupiter for winning the tournament.

Well done to all the young people who took part ...

Hereford starts to get ready for next Gang Show

Hereford Gang Show is starting up again:-

In April, South Marches District held a Gang Show forum for youth members who have been in past shows. 18 young people went to the Kindle Centre in Hereford to partake in a forum for inspiration about the next Gang Show. The photos show some of the feedback being produced at the forum.

Rehearsals start again in October - like if you are excited !!!

Chase Walk

You may remember that we advertised that 5 leaders from the 16th Worcester Scout Group were entering the Chase Walk ( It’s a 38.5mile walk around Cannock Chase and surrounding villages. The  34th event, was held on the 18th March 2017 and each team had a maximum of 18 hours to complete the course. The Leaders from 16th Worcester were raising  money for the Samaritans, Kidscape and our own Scout Group.

Well they successfully completed the Event in March in well under 18 hours (but haven't said exactly how much. Below you'll se them proudly holding their certificates after completing:


Nala (Laura - 16th Worcester Beaver Scout Leader) said "It is a really brilliant event that genuinely shows off the best of Scouting. Both adults and young people all showed a fantastic attitude; even though it hurt a lot it was a very positive experience and made me proud to be part of the Scout Association. I’m sure others would love it too!"

Their sponsorship page is still open at link:


Team Zulu


Worcester's District Commissioner Mark Strain will be walking the Worcestershire Way with Team Zulu to raise funds for St. Richard's Hospice.  The walk of 31 miles takes place on Friday, 23rd June 2017.  They begin at Bewdley at 6am and stride out across the wonderful countryside finishing at Malvern.

If you are able to support and sponsor this event it would really be appreciated, Thanks Mark Strain

It couldn't be easier to Sponsor Team Zulu using the JustGiving team page

There is also texting to the Team Zulu Site. Text ZULU79 the amount £5 to 70070.  Mark Strain does have paper sponsorship forms available too.

Team Zulu are shown alongside at the top of the Worcestershire Beacon in 2016. Take a look at some of our previous promotional videos. Apologies in advance!!

Worcestershire Way the Whole Story

Worcestershire Way

'Road To Nowhere'

Men of Malvern