Scouting Times - January 2017



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Welcome to the January 2017 edition of Scouting Times.
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Enjoy and find out about what is happening in your County.
All past and future County events (and known details about them) are listed on the County Website ( and included in the County Calendar on the website.

As you'll see lots has been going on across the County during the latter part of 2016 (culminating in the Cubs Centenary promise) and there are lots of activities planned for 2017. Use the opportunities and get involved.

The next Scouting Times is planned for publication at the start of May 2017, so if you have anything to contribute, please send it to by the end of April latest (preferably earlier).


Evesham Team DC

We are delighted to announce that Bob Bayley, Sue Hensley and Tony Colletta have been appointed as the District Commissioner Team (known as Team DC) for Evesham District. Well done and thank you.


In the next few weeks, the interviews are scheduled to take place for the short listed candidates to take over as County Commissioner Hereford and Worcester. This is slightly later than previously anticipated. Until the new County Commissioner is appointed, Derek Barnes will continue in the role.

Census 2017

Image result for censusAll Groups should by now have received their instructions (including access codes for the online census system) for the 2017 Census. If not, please contact your District Secretary or District Commissioner as soon as possible.

In order to adhere to the strict timetable:

  1. Groups must complete their online Census data by 31st January 2017, i.e. the date of the Census.
  2. Districts must check and approve all their Group’s Census and enter all their online Census data by 6th February 2017.
  3. County will check and approve all District’s Census and enter all their online Census data by 13th February 2017

This gives us no more than a couple of days grace in case of slip ups or minor problems – so please make sure you adhere to the above.

Following the completion of the on-line Census, County will advise Districts of how much subscriptions are due and Districts should then advise Groups. All subscriptions must be received by County by the 27th March 2017.

Reminder: Adult volunteers (18 or over) in Scouting (including Network Members) no longer pay an annual membership subscription, but must be recorded on the Census and on Compass. Those under 18 on the 31st January 2017 are recorded on the Census and pay the annual subscriptions.


Most roles for adult volunteers (i.e. those 18 or over) within Scouting require a Disclosure check to be completed as part of the Appointments Process and the Disclosure to be renewed at least every 5 years. This is a mandatory requirement for these roles (see POR The Appointments Process for clarification of which roles require an up to date Disclosure).

For new volunteers, as soon as an adult has been added to Compass and a Disclosure check has been requested, the applicants details are passed through to The Scout Association's online disclosure processing system called Atlantic Data. You then need to complete and submit your Disclosure application within 30 days.

The quickest and easiest way to complete a Disclosure application is by completing it in Atlantic Data (an image of the login screen is shown alongside). The Scout Association understand that it’s not always possible to get the applicant, the ID checker and a connection to the internet all in one place.  If this is the case, the ID Checking Form can be used.

Full details (including those documents that you will need to produce to have your identity checked) are available by clicking here.


To ensure that all Disclosures are up to date, during the autumn, new process were introduced for Disclosures. A summary of these (as a process diagram) can be found by clicking here or on the summary diagram alongside.

There are three key elements to this process for Disclosures. These are:

  • Welcome and reminder emails for new adults joining Scouting who require a disclosure
  • Reminder emails for existing adults whose disclosure requires renewal
  • The suspension and unsuspension of adults who have not submitted a disclosure application

In order for these systems to work efficiently, it is important that all volunteers (including Occasional Helpers) have a valid email address recorded on Compass so that the reminders are not missed.

New adults joining (or re-joining) Scouting who require a disclosure will receive a welcome email two days after they are added to Compass (Note: the “clock” starts when they are added to Compass, not from the role start date). The email will remind them that obtaining a Disclosure plays an essential part in safeguarding the young people in the Movement. It will also explain how to obtain a valid disclosure and that they need to complete the application process within 30 days. This email will be copied to their line manager, the relevant Commissioner and Appointment Secretary.

If a completed disclosure application has not been made within 20 days, a reminder email will be sent to the individual and copied to their line manager, the relevant Commissioner and Appointment Secretary.

Adults who are required to renew their disclosure will receive reminder emails informing them that their disclosure is about to expire approximately 90 days, 60 days and 30 days before it does. The email(s) will explain what they have to do in order to apply for a new disclosure. Their line manager, relevant Commissioner and Appointment Secretary will also be informed at 90, 60 and 30 days that the disclosure is about to expire.

If by the time the original disclosure expires a completed application has not been made, further reminders will be sent after 1 day and 20 days after expiry.

Suspensions of adults who have not submitted a disclosure application

If after 30 days of being added to Compass as a new adult, or expiry of their disclosure for an existing adult, a completed disclosure application has not been made, the relevant commissioner (normally the District Commissioner) will be informed that they must suspend the individual concerned.

Suspensions are not an automated process, however they are mandatory and Commissioners will need to complete the suspension process on Compass (including obtaining the approval of the next Commissioner up in the line manager chain). It is critical that ‘No valid disclosure’ is selected as the suspension reason. The Commissioner must also inform the individual concerned and their line manager.

Once suspended on Compass, individuals who have an email address on Compass will automatically receive email notification of their suspension together with a link to some guidance notes for that suspended person. 

If suspensions are not implemented by the relevant Commissioner or the role closed within seven days of notification, the matter will be escalated automatically to the next Commissioner up in the line management chain.

Ending suspensions

Once suspended, in order to be unsuspended the individual concerned will need to complete a disclosure application, obtain a valid disclosure and complete the vetting process. Once they have cleared the vetting process the relevant Commissioner and Appointment Secretary will be notified and the individual will be unsuspended by HQ. The Commissioner will need to contact the individual concerned and tell them that they have been unsuspended and confirm this in writing. 

If a disclosure has not been applied for within 60 days following their suspension, the roles held by the individual concerned will be closed. If they subsequently wish to re-join Scouting they will need to restart the joining process.

Obtaining a disclosure

The process for obtaining a disclosure remains unchanged. You can find additional guidance about how to process a Disclosure check by clicking here.

Quick start and full user guides on using Compass can be found on the Compass Support website.

Line Manager and Training Adviser Conference



It is of paramount importance that we try to ensure that the coalition of the Line Manager, the Training Adviser and the Learner is as effective as possible in ensuring a seamless training process for the Learner.  In this way we can ensure that existing learning is properly recognised and that any training needs are met swiftly.

Our conference will address this issue and seek to ensure that it is effective across the county.

We will also look in detail at the new scheme of Leadership and Management training (see below) and look at ways to improve the initial role selection and briefing of new volunteers.

There will be plenty of time to network and share your successes and discuss any problems.


St. Andrew's Church Centre, Churchdown Road, Poolbrook, Malvern, WR14 3JX


Long Service Awards

We are have recently become aware of several problems at Headquarters relating to the issue of long service awards. These are as follows:

During 2016, Headquarters undertook a catch-up exercise with respect to long service awards using the information they retained on MMS (the predecessor to Compass). Unfortunately most of the awards processed were actually dispatched 3 to 4 months after the date shown on certificates (so Commissioners have not been sitting on them).

Most long service awards issued during 2016 are not showing on individual's Compass records as there is currently no award function on Compass and the length of service awards have, up until August 2016 been produced on the old MMS database. Any length of service awards issued since November 2015 have not yet been uploaded to Compass.

In November 2016 the decision was taken by management to suspend the automatic length of service process whilst a new process is developed as the data being used is almost three years out of date.

Hereford & Worcester apologies for these problems which are completely out of their control.


Safeguarding Ongoing Learning


On 20th February 2017 at  7.30pm start we will be holding a Safeguarding workshop.

Is your manadatory Safeguarding training up to date?
Have you done the Scouts on-line training?
⇒ In either case - this workshop is for you. 

Please send training booking form (avaiable to download by clicking here) to John Day (e-mail:






Summit17 is Scouting’s national conference, our most important national strategy gathering in 2017.

We want to use Summit17 to plan Scouting’s future beyond 2018 together. It will be an opportunity to think about our priorities and identify any new areas where we can make a real difference. Most importantly, Summit17 will address three questions: how can we improve the lives and futures of young people, increase our impact and better support our volunteers?

All District Commissioners and some 18 to 25 year olds from across the County have been invited to attend. Please make sure that they are ware of your views and are able to appropriately represent  them at Summit17.

Visits Aboard Process

The Visits Abroad Process has changed

You want to take Young people abroad!

But what is involved ? How do you go about planning the trip? Isn’t there a lot of paperwork ?

Going abroad with Scouting is often a lot easier than people think. There is a very clear rule and process to follow and lots of people with international Scouting experience to guide you on your journey.

First things first –  Discuss your ideas with your Group Scout Leader (GSL) and/or District Commissioner (DC) and obtain their provisional approval.   Chat with the young people to see where they would like to go. There are a number of different types of international experiences that you can go on. Take a look at Globetrecker to find out where other Scouts Groups have visited and get ideas for your trip.

Step 1- talk to your Assistant County Commissioner International (ACCI - in our case this is Ann Clark, DCC Programes and International) who will supply you with a process checker and 2 forms.

Step 2 - Submit Part A of your Visit Abroad form to your ACCI as soon as you’ve decided on the basic details: Where, When and Who is going. The definite numbers and dates can be confirmed in Part B.  This should be at least 8-12 months ahead of your planned visit.

Step 3- Plan your trip with support from your ACCI, DC, other volunteers where relevant. ACCI supports you through your visit abroad process, ensuring you have everything in place and making sure it gets approved by the relevant Commissioner. They can also notify Scouts in your host country that you’ll be arriving and issue you with a letter of introduction.

Relevant Commissioner approves your visit abroad, confirming that it is planned in line with TSA rules and guidance.

Step 4 - Submit your Visit Abroad form with Part B completed. This will confirm all the details of your trip including your programme, relevant risk assessments and details about your In Touch process. Your ACCI and relevant approving Commissioner will assess your visit and give approval for the visit to go ahead as planned or offer more support to ensure it’s a valuable and safe trip.

Headquarters: receive your visit abroad abroad form from your ACCI after it has been approved by the relevant Commissioner. This ensures they know where UK Scouts are in the world and can offer support and assistance where needed. 

Click here for full details of the new Visits Aboard Process.

West Midlands Regional Events 2017


YouShape 2017

The National #YouShape team have announced that the #YouShape resources are live and ready for you to use. There are a few different resources to make #YouShape month in February 2017 a success in your local area, but these resources are also designed to be used at any point in the year to encourage Youth Shaped Scouting.

Activity Inspiration

This 31 page resource is jam packed full of inspirations and ideas to help you plan your own #YouShape activities. From the District Youth Commissioner organising a #YouShape camp, to the Section Leader planning a #YouShape night, there are activities to suit every role and every section in here.

This year we have shown how each activity links to badges from the section, making it even easier to link it to the Programme. We’ve also included an evening planner for each section, to make running your own #YouShape evening is even easier.

View the Activity Inspiration Pack by clicking here.

Wear Their Necker 

This year we are launching Wear Their Necker, which is a platform for young people to influence their Scouting experience by taking on a new role for the day. This could be as simple as a Scout running their section for the night, to an Explorer Scout shadowing a County Commissioner. Why not give a young person the challenge of being your County Commissioner for the day?

Find out more about Wear Their Necker by clicking here.


This year we are asking each Group and section to pledge to take part in #YouShape and to make sure their young people are listened to. There are three levels of #YouShape involvement, starting at Bronze working up to Gold.

View the factsheet for more details about what the pledges involve.

Get started and download the Pledge Resource now.

Resources for Youth Commissioners and Managers

This year we’ve put together a Youth Commissioner’s guide to #YouShape which provides guidance on how you can take part in #YouShape. There are also suggestions on continuing to promote Youth Shaped Scouting beyond #YouShape month.

View the Youth Commissioner Guide to #YouShape

We’ve also compiled a guide for Managers. This has practical advice on how to support Youth Commissioners during #YouShape month, including how to recruit and appoint one if you don’t have one already.

View the Managers' Guide to #YouShape

Finally, if you’re a Youth Commissioner or Manager in Scouting, don’t forget about the Action Plan Toolkit that the UK Youth Commissioner team have developed to help your local Youth Shaped Scouting action plans.

View the Action Plan Toolkit.

Share what you do

Don’t forget to share what you get up to throughout #YouShape month by sharing it on social media using the hashtag #YouShape so we can see what you are up to. If you don't use social media please still share your updates with us via email at

We’re also featuring stories on our social media channels about how Youth Shaped Scouting has influenced your life. Want to be featured on a #YouShape Insight? We’re looking for anyone involved in Scouting; from a County Chairman to a Young Leader, we want to hear your story! Submit your story on our #YouShape Insights web form.

We often share exciting updates and new ideas in the weekly Scouting+ email newsletter, so make sure your communications preferences in Compass are set to receive this.

Finally, we wish you the very best in running an awesome #YouShape month, and hope that you get as many ideas as you can for your local area as you can.

Yours in Scouting,

Hannah, Jay, Jagz and the #YouShape team

Activate Cub Day 2017

Activate LogoCubs Activate Day 2017 - An exciting activity day for Cub Scouts at Rhydd Covert Scout Camp Site, Kidderminster on Saturday 13th May 2017
  • The cost is £16.00 per person for a day of activities (food not included so Cubs will need to bring a packed lunch, they will need to carry this with them during the day).
  • There will be a maximum of 120 places.
  • Each Cub Scout will get to participate in different activities during the day. The activities they get will be a bit of a lucky dip but we will ensure that they are varied activities.
  • Full instruction is given on all activities. Instruction is provided by members of the Activate Team and the activities staff at Rhydd Covert Camp Site.
  • All activities are run under current Scout Association Safety Rules for Adventurous Activities.
  • All water activities will take place at Top Barn Centre, Hallow.
  • Transport to Top Barn will be by coach.
  • Cubs taking part in water activities at Top Barn must be confident in the water.
  • Cubs taking part in water activities are required to bring a change of dry clothes, towel, getting wet clothes including a wind/water proof top and footwear (NOT WELLIES). Changing facilities and showers are available on site. All participants must wash before eating or drinking.
  • Cubs can only attend if they have Leaders from their pack coming for the day or firm arrangements are made in advance of the event for them to join with another pack.
  • For further information please talk to your Cub Leaders.
Proposed Activities (Subject to change before the event): 
Crate stacking
Rock climbing
Pedal Cars
Grass sledging
Mountain Biking
Entry Information
  • The completed parent permission form must be returned to your Cub Leader along with the £16.00 entry fee per person. No entry will be accepted without the full fee of £16.00. 
  • Closing date for all entries will be your last Cub meeting that falls before Friday 21st April after which time no more entries will be taken. The fee for the event is non- returnable after 21st April.
  • Please note the event maybe full well before this closing date, places are allocated as forms are received by the Activate Team on a first  come, first served basis. Any forms received by the Activate Team once the event is full will be returned to the Cub Leader.
  • If the event is full before the closing date then all leaders will be notified.

Full information (including parent information and leader information and booking forms) can be downloaded from the County website by clicking here.

Mountain Leader Weekend

A mountaineering weekend in the Lake District which is open to all adults members (Leaders, Instructors, Occasional Helpers, Active Support Member, & Network members) looking to increase their experience or working towards a Scout Activity Permit in either hill walking or climbing.

Time and Dates

The core weekend will run from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th May with the option to stay over in the hostel on the Sunday night for those who fancy an extended weekend.  You can arrive anytime after about 4.00 p.m. on the Friday. Please note, we do try to make a full day of the Sunday and not rush home after lunch.


The weekend is based out of the School House at the Carlisle Diocesan Youth Centre, St. John's-in-the-Vale near Keswick. It offers indoor accommodation for up to 25.  More details can be found at

The Activate Team will provide all food for the weekend.  Participants are just asked to muck in with the usual domestic duties i.e. serving meals, washing up, etc.  Packed lunch is provided on both days but participants will need to supply their own lunch box and drinks bottle / flask. There is no food provided on the Friday evening, first meal will be breakfast on the Saturday. We do try to get a reasonably early start with 8.30 breakfasts on both days to make the best use of the two days.

Sleeping is in bunks with mattresses and pillows provided but you will need to bring your own pillowcase and sleeping bags.  The kitchen is fully provided so you have no need to bring plate, mugs etc.  You will need to provide your own towels and some indoor foot wear would be good to help keep the place clean.

Activity Details 

Below is a basic programme for the walking and the climbing.  These will be subject to change depending on needs of the participants, and weather conditions.

For both Walking and Climbing there are three options on offer: -

Permit Assessment - For those already with the required skills and logged experience there will be the opportunity to be assessed to gain a Scout Permit at various levels over the weekend.  There will be County Assessors present for both walking and climbing.


Training toward a permit – For those looking to improve their skills in either area, there will be instruction available from members of the County Activities Team.  This option is also open to those with limited knowledge of the activity.

Logging some experience – for those with a level of experience who just want to use the weekend to log some more routes.  This could mean going out with the training / assessment groups or just teaming up with other individuals for a self lead day out walking or climbing. 

Full details (including booking form and costs) are on the County website at link:

Royal Three Counties Show Occasional Badge 2017


Royal Three Counties Show 16th to 18th June 2017

After the success of the Royal Three Counties Show occasional badge in 2016 (click here for details), the Three Counties Agricultural Society is pleased to announce that the initiative will return for 2017. The Royal Three Counties Show will run on the 16-18th June 2017 at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. The opportunity is available for all  Scout Sections, as well as being open to the Girl Guiding Community. Participation in the free badge includes pre-booked free admission to the show, with a discounted ticket available to parents/guardians.Preliminary details are in the flyer attached by clicking here on this website


Winter Leader Walking Programme

Winter Leader Walking Programme 2016 to 2017

We have tried to put in more walks this winter and also tried to accommodate different levels of walkers

Moderate walks should be easier routes taking in areas which are Terrain 0 and / or Terrain 1.  These are suitable for those aiming to gain a permit for Terrain 1 or just those who fancy a pleasant day in the hills.

Hard Walks will take in Terrain 1 and / or Terrain 2 OR provides elements of Training suitable for those wishing to gain a permit for Terrain 1 /Terrain 2.  These days are also suitable for those permit holders who wish to log some personal walking days.

The remaining walks are as follows. Please note that some days have two walks scheduled and some of these are at completely different venues





Long Mynd

Hard (T1 to T2)


Long Mynd

Moderate (T0 to T1)


Elan Valley

Hard (T1 to T2)


Elan Valley

Moderate (T0 to T1)


Brecon Beacons

Hard (T1 to T2)


Black Mountains

Moderate (T0 to T1)


Llangollen area

Hard (T1 to T2)


Black Mountains

Moderate (T0 to T1)

As usual the Walk Leader in charge will email out final details a couple of weeks before each walk and you are asked to inform them if you intend to attend that walk.

If you are planning a day out walking in the hills over the winter then please consider inviting other leaders to come along and join you. Just email me details at least two weeks in advance and I will distribute details around all on the Leader walking data base.

Rob Williams (Deputy County Commissioner – Activities)  at  

German Evening?

Through Lee Fletcher, Peeks have donated a a German Value Party Pack, full of German themed party decorations including Alpine hats, table flags, balloons & loads more. We are offering this free to the group with the best propsal for it's use in recruiting and promoting Scouting in the County.

The contents in this pack typically include: 

  • 2 Plastic Green Alpine Hats with Feathers
  • 1 Black, Yellow & Red Pennant Bunting 7m
  • 2 Lengths of German Bunting 2.4m
  • 2 Lengths of German Flag Bunting 3m
  • 2 German Hanging Cut Outs 28cm
  • 2 German Display Flags 1.5m x 90cm
  • 1 Pack of 12 German Table Flags 
  • 1 Jointed Oktoberfest Fraulein 97cm
  • 1 Jointed Mr Oktoberfritz 97cm
  • 2 Paper Oktoberfest Waistcoats
  • 1 Pack of 10 Black Balloons 23cm 
  • 1 Pack of 10 Red Balloons 23cm 
  • 1 Pack of 10 Yellow Balloons 23cm 
  • 4 Wooden Bases for Table Flags

Please note that the products listed above outline the typical contents included in Peekes German Value Pack, however, actual contents received may vary according to availability, any variation in content from this listing will be to an equal or greater value.

If you believe that you could make effective use of this Peekes German pack for recruiting and promoting Scouting, please e-mail your proposal to by the 12th February 2017 latest and we'll decide then who can make best use of it. We'd expect you to use the pack in the comming months. The judges decision will be final.

Tesco Bags of Help

On 5th October 2015 carrier bag charging began in England, bringing it in-line with carrier bag charging schemes already in place in the rest of the UK. As a result, Tesco, like other large retailers, is required by law to charge a minimum of 5p for every single-use carrier bag used by a customer. Proceeds generated from the sales of the bags are given to good causes.

The money raised by Tesco customers is used to pay for a large number of local projects to support community participation in the development and use of open spaces across England, Wales and Scotland. Projects that get the green light as a result of the funding include volunteer training, physical improvements of open spaces, equipment purchases, community events, sports and leisure activities and many more.

Groundwork - the community charity with a green heart - administers the funding and we are working with greenspace Scotland to support successful projects in Scotland.

What is Bags of Help?

Bags of Help is Tesco’s local community grant scheme where the money raised from the 5p bag levy in Tesco stores is being used to fund thousands of community projects across the UK. The projects must meet the criteria of promoting community participation in the development and use of outdoor spaces.

Bags of Help is administered by Groundwork and supported in Scotland by greenspace Scotland.

How does Bags of Help work?

Bags of Help is now is always open to applications from community projects.

Groundwork assesses all of the applications received to ensure they are eligible. This is followed up by Tesco short listing groups who decide which projects go forward to the in-store vote.

Three local community projects will be voted on in Tesco stores each month across Tesco regions throughout England, Scotland and Wales. In each region, the project that received the most votes from all stores in their region will receive a grant of up to £5,000. The second placed project receives up to £2,000 and third placed up to £1000. Every year, over 7000 projects will receive funding through this scheme.

Key points

  • Bags of Help is funded by Tesco customers through the 5p carrier bag levy
  • Three projects will be shortlisted to go forward to a public vote in each of the Tesco regions every month
  • Each month three projects in each region will be awarded a grant based on the number of votes received: first place receives up to £5000, second place up to £2000 and third place up to £1000.
  • Grants are available to projects in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Projects in Northern Ireland are not covered by this scheme*
  • Projects must deliver a physical environmental improvement and/or encourage use and long term sustainability of outdoor spaces

Which types of projects are eligible?

Grants will be awarded to voluntary or community organizations (including registered charities/companies), schools, health bodies (eg Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS Hospital Trust, Foundation Trust), Parish/Town Councils and local authorities, social housing providers.

This list is not exhaustive and there will be many other types of organizations that will be funded.

Applications will not be funded where individuals have applied as groups must be fully constituted. Profit-making organizations are also ineligible for funding.

Sites solely used for religious or political purposes will not be eligible, nor will sites where a charge is made to access the project location such as a children’s farm, or play area provided on private land.

Bags of Help can fund 100% of your project costs so you do not have to have any match funding. However, if you secured additional funding, there is no limit to what this amount can be and any funding awarded by Bags of Help can form part of your wider project costs.

Your project can be a stand-alone project or discrete, self-contained part of a larger scheme or part of a phased project. You will need to complete your project within twelve months of receipt of the grant.

For any projects that are making a physical improvement to an outdoor space, you will need the landowner’s permission and you might also need other permissions – eg planning permission. These need to be in place before you submit your application and the landowner permission form will need to be completed and signed as part of your application

What types of projects will Bags of Help fund?

Bags of Help will fund projects that deliver a physical environmental improvement or encourage the use and long term sustainability of outdoor spaces.

Projects that would typically receive funding include (but are not limited to):

  • Developing nature trail in a local park or nature reserve
  • Purchasing bee hives and seeding wildflower meadow on a community allotment
  • Providing forest school sessions in a primary school for 12 months
  • Developing a garden in a hospice, purchasing plants, benches and pergola
  • Supporting artist in residence to work with the community to develop an art trail.
  • Setting up a growing project for sheltered accommodation residents
  • Supporting a gardening project which helps local isolated residents form a gardening club
  • Supporting practical training for young people learning horticultural skills
  • Funding a series of summer events in a local park
  • Funding a programme of beach clean up events
  • Repainting swings and play equipment in a park
  • Supporting community run summer sports and leisure activities in parks.
  • Helping to set up Britain in Bloom local group, purchasing plants, planters, forks, spades and compost.
  • Developing a community garden or orchard
  • Supporting local football club with the purchase of nets, balls and coaching sessions for under 12’s

*Unfortunately Tesco Bags of Help grants are not available for projects in Northern Ireland as carrier bag money is managed centrally by the Government.

To apply or check if eligible, click on the link:

Local contact Laura Muir

Barney Beaver’s 30th Birthday Challenge

Many congratulations to all the Beaver Scouts who took part in the challenge and, of course, the adults who supplied the resources to put on the activities.  As well as completing all Barney’s challenges, Beaver Scouts have also completed lots of criteria for their Beaver Scout training awards. All Beaver Scouts who completed the 30 challenges have been awarded a special certificate.

Birthday Cakes


Backwoods Cooking


Bug Hotel

The entries for the competition included: Photographs and tales of happy smiling youngsters, up trees, having healthy food picnics; cooking smores, taking part in scooter relays, decorating birthday cakes, bug hunting; discovering life in 1986 and creating time capsules, to name but a few. This made judging the winner very difficult and we have decided to award the prize jointly to 3 Colonies:

1st Astwood Bank, 1st Crowle, and 1st Holmer Beaver Scouts.

Well Done and thankyou to everyone involved in this Birthday, for all your hard work and for joining in the challenges.

Barney sends his best wishes for lots more great Scouting in 2017.

Redditch Cubs Centenary Promise

Redditch Cubs make their Centenary Promise


Kidderminster District Cubs Centenary

Kidderminster District Cub Scouts - 100 years celebration


We started our year in February taking over 80 cubs to Star City playing crazy golf, laser tag and bowling.

Next came a huge District 'Thank You' for Cubs, leaders and parents at our Pool Party with cakes and thank you cards for all leaders and parents handed out by cubs -  over 200 took part.


Our St Georges day service led by the Cubs covered 100 years of Cub Scouts with each pack talking and showing us Cub scouting through the ages


We continued in May with our Cubs and parent activity day at Rhydd Covert with activities and bases for all to try out scouting introducing over 100 adults to scouting


In August 112 participants went to Guernsey for a week’s camp with 28 Cubs from across the District joining with Scouts and Explorers

When we came back in September we held our District celebration camp based on Circus and Carnival. With a circus day, carnival parade and circus stalls built and run by the Cubs.

In November we held a competition day including a photography competition, cake decorating, junk modeling and to end it all with a  District quiz.

In December we had a very special sleepover from for 86 Cub Scouts at Birmingham’s Sea Life Centre sleeping in the 360 degree tunnel!

Our final event to celebrate our promise renewal was our Campfire and Fireworks evening held last night with over 150 cubs and parents attending.

A huge thank you to Rachel (ADC Cubs) and the whole leadership team for making this such a very special year for Kidderminster Cub Scouts!

Bumper Awards Haul for Evesham Explorer Scouts

Bumper Awards Haul for Evesham Explorer Scouts

Top Scout Awards were presented to Explorer Scouts from Evesham’s Great Bear Explorer Scout Unit in December.  Martin Alldrick and Aric Fowler both achieved the Chief Scout Platinum Award.  They were also presented with their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, which they completed in parallel. 


Martin Alldrick achieved the ‘double’ and was presented with the Young Leader Mission Belt Buckle at the same time. 

To create a suitable backdrop for the presentation, Great Bear Explorer Scouts organised a Concert, inviting parents and friends.  Classical music featured as well as Rock, and all musicians impressed with their high standards.  At the end of the Concert, Noah Booker, Chloe Holland, Martin Alldrick, and Aric Fowler received the musician staged activity badge.

Bärbel Wolstencroft (DESC) 

Operation Bald Eagle

Operation Bald Eagle - 7th to 9th October 2016 

  The Wniners - 2nd Twning
with Ann Clark, Chair of the organising committee 
The Winners
The WallThe Winners

Around 450 Scouts and Leaders, from Hereford and Worcester and Gloucestershire, plus 4 teams from Warwickshire, enjoyed a busy and exciting weekend at this event at Rhydd Covert campsite.

Friday evening saw Scouts scurrying through the bushes and getting quite messy as they identified hidden objects in boxes of gooey substances. Saturday was spent completing 30 active bases spread around the site – all new activities which, judging by the laughter and groans, proved  challenging but achievable. After an evening meal, darkness descended and the Night Hike began: again with new bases ranging from Pokemon to Pipes to the Wall.  It was after midnight before the staff breathed a sigh of relief as all Scouts, and Leaders were safely back on site, still munching burgers and hot dogs.

  What's in the Pots? 
The Winners
     Blind Maze

This event was the best for many a long year, and with the new additions to the staff team can only continue to develop.

This event is only possible with the imagination and practical help of a great Staff team and all Scout Leaders pitching in and running bases., and of course the Scouts who all Do Their Best.

2017 sees the 30th Operation Bald Eagle event – Look out for further details on the website at
Provisional dates: 13th to 15th October 2017

  What's in the Pots? 
The Winners
     Blind Maze

South Marches Awards Evening


Recently over 120 young people attended an event at the Hereford Shirehall where their achievements in Scouting were celebrated.  Each of them had worked hard and completed numerous badges to achieve the highest badge for each of their age groups.  The guests of honour were Rear Admiral Phillip Wilcocks and Hereford Mayor Jim Kenyon, with a special appearance from Bertie Beaver.  We would like to thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to join us.  Mayor Jim Kenyon is assocaited with 1st Hereford Scout Group and said “ It was a real honour to be asked, the Scouting Movement in South Marches is fantastic.”

Each and every award recipient has demonstrated an immense commitment to Scouting and are the embodiment of our Scouting values of integrity, respect, care, belief and cooperation.  A large number of Chief Scout's Awaard were presented; Broze for Beaver Scouts, Silver for Cub Scouts and Gold for Scouts.  In the last twelve months four members of the District gained their Queen’s Scout Award which is the highest youth award of The Scout Association.  

The biggest thank you goes to all the Adult Volunteers across the District who provide fun, challenge and adventure for our young people every week.  Without their drive, enthusiasm and devotion there would be no awards.