Managing Risk Properly

We all know how important it is to properly manage risk these days, whether it be an activity in our normal meeting room or something more adventurous outside. The Scout Association provide lots of useful information and guidance on how to go about this at: .

Risk assessments should not normally be huge documents; rather they are checklists of what could go wrong, the impact of each and what mitigation actions you are putting in place to try to ensure that they do not occur (or are at least managed)

Nevertheless the responsibility of Executive Committees for providing a safe environment in which normal Scouting takes place (whether it be an owned or rented premises) are often forgotten about. If this is is done properly by the Executive Committee, it enables the Leaders to focus on the specific activity or game that they are planning and all offsite activities.

It is particularly important that appropriate risk assessments are undertaken for all offsite activities, whether outside or inside, and then followed through. In the County we have had some instances where a risk assessment has been undertaken, events / circumstances have changed and the risk assessment has not been re-visited to see if it is right for the activity to proceed. As a result, accidents have occurred.

Please therefore be vigilant - but don't overdo it. Scouting is about Fun, Challenge and Everyday Adventure in a safe environment!

Manage your RISK
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