Advent Sleepout Challenge

The Advent Sleepout Challenge, a national campaign to fund local homeless projects in England. Church Urban Fund ( are challenging youth organisations, community groups, churches, and individuals throughout England to “sleep out” this Advent, and help transform lives and communities across the country.  

By giving up a night of comfort that most of us are lucky enough to take for granted, this challenging experience brings home the daily reality of life for many homeless people in England. You could sleep out in a Scout hall, church or community hall, garage, or a garden shed! You could even spend the night in a local stable and reflect on the Christmas story of Mary and Joseph.

For more information on The Advent Sleepout Challenge and how you can get involved check out our website! 

The Scouts and The Advent Sleepout Challenge

This a great activity for the Scouts to participate in as it offers opportunities for learning, building and bonding! It gives your Scout group the chance to create an everyday adventure without having to leave their local community or area. 

Why not use the Advent Sleepout Challenge as a night for badge collecting! 

  • The Advent Sleepout Challenge is a great way for Scouts to earn their Fundraising Badge whilst learning and having fun.
  • Use your Sleepout to train Scouts in the Survival Skills Badge.
  • The evening would be a great opportunity for Scouts to earn their Entertainer Badge. Perhaps groups could work together to create a piece of drama about what it might be like to be homeless during Christmas. Or perform some Christmas Carols for their families!
  • Scouts could work towards their Chef Badge providing some much needed tasty food for everyone taking part.

Here are a few other ideas of how the Advent Sleepout Challenge can be adapted to suit local Scouting groups:

  • Encourage and develop team work by building a cooking fire or campfire together
  • Build a shelter out of cardboard boxes and teach your Pack/Troop/Patrol/Unit urban survival skills
  • Provide minimal ingredients and work together as a group to plan and cook a really frugal meal
  • Utilise the Church Urban Fund resources to teach Scouts about issues of poverty and homelessness 
  • Create a ‘stable’ with bales of hay and animals, either using your scout hut or use a local stable or barn venue

Here is our specific youth resource which provides plenty more ideas

What will Church Urban Fund provide?

Church Urban Fund will provide a number of resources and tools for you to run your Advent Sleepout Challenge as smoothly as possible, these include;

  • Presentation on how to host your own Advent Sleepout Challenge
  • Planning information and instructions, posters, disclaimer forms, risk assessment, health and safety information
  • Registration and online donation platform 
  • Interactive map of events happening across England
  • Video Content
    • About the issues of homelessness and poverty
    • Personal stories
    • How to get involved video
  • Ideas and activities for your sleepout challenge
  • Blog with ideas and stories of others involved
  • Support from the CUF central staff where needed

Again for more information do check out our website

If you have any other questions or queries then please do get in touch with Anastasia Bartlett either by email or on 0207 898 1644.

We do hope you consider taking the challenge this Advent and we really would love to have you on board!
Even if you don't think you can get involved this year Anastasia would be really interested to know your thoughts on how to appeal to Scouts?