St George 2015

St George

St George is the patron Saint of Scouting. Every year, Scouts recognise St George's Day with an event (often a parade and faith service) during which they reafirm their promises.

In this photo gallery you'll see some photographs of the District events for St George's Day held in 2015.


Front of parade

Evesham District held their St George's Day parade and service on the afternoon on Sunday 26th April 2015.







Middle of parade

Even the dog joined the parade!


Forming up


Forming up at the start of the parade

Kidderminster District Scouts and Guides held their parade and services on the morning of Sunday 26th April. The parade started at New Road, went through the town and across the ring road before services in three Churches in parallel. The parade then re-formed and the salute was taken outside the Town Hall by the Mayor, Civic Dignatories, District Commissioner, County Commissioner and the Guides Deputy County Commissioner.


Beaver Flags

Beaver Flags

 Beaver Flags outside Church


Cross Ring Road

The parade crosses the ring road


The parade crosses the Kidderminster ring road on the way to the Churches


Cub Flags

Cub Flags


Cub Flags outside Church

District Commissioner


Julie Goodyear (District Commissiner) in the parade




Guides Flags

Guides Flags

Guides Flags in the parade



Habberley Scouts

Habberley Scouts


Habberley Scouts in the parade


Parade Splits

The procession splits


The parade splits outside one of the Churches



Part of the parade reforms outside one Church


Part of the parade reforms outside one of rthe Churches


Pershore District held their annul St George's Day parade on the afternoon of Sunday 26th April in Pershore with a service at the Priory.


The Band lead the parade

The band lead parade

Middle of Parade

Middle of parade


Further along the parade.

Out of Church

Comming out of Church


The flags emerge from the Priory


Start of parade

Head of the parade


The start of the parade


Front of parade

 The Redditch District St George's celebration was held on the morning of Sunday 26th  April 2015. The service was held at St Stephens Church on Redditch Town Centre, as part of the usual morning service. Prior to the service the District paraded and the salute was taken at 10:15am. After the service, tea & coffee was served by the church ladies and District Active Support Unit.

Flags go into Church

Going into Church



Flags on parade

Flags on parade



Mayor & DC

Mayor & DC



Parade 1




Parade 2

Parade 2



The Band

The Band




Ross-on-Wye District held their St George's Day Parade and Service on Sunday 19th April 2015.
They met at Walford Village hall at 2pm and then processed down the road to Walford Parish Church for a service at 2.30pm.
After the service they returned to the village hall for some refreshments.


Forming Up


Forming up 2

Forming up after Church

Coming out of Church

Going Into Church

Going Into Church

Parade Forming


Parade Formning




South Marches

This year South Marches held an i-Scout event day for young people on the 18th April at Whitecross School, Hereford.
This was followed by a parade, presentations and re-affirmation of promises.

Front of Parade

 The front of the parade


Main Flags



Re-afirming the Promise


Making the Promise

The Mayor & VIPs

Mayor & VIPs


CC, DC and Mayor take the salute

Worcester District held their St George's Day service in Worcester Cathedral. The service was organised by 5th Worcester Sea Scouts - complete with two dragons and a draggon boat. Afterwards the District paraded along the high street in Worcester and the Mayor, District Commissioner and County Commissioner took the salute.

Balance Sword

DC Balances Sword


Afterwards in the Mayor's parlour, the District Commissioner practices balancing the Worcester City ceremonial sword in the way that it is normally born before the Mayor!

DC Holds Sword

DC holds the Worceter City Sword

Afterwards in the Mayor's parlour, the District Commissioner holds the Worcester City cemeronial sword

Taking the salute

Taking the salute

Taking the slaute outside the GuidHall