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Welcome to the January 2018 edition of Scouting Times. You can either skip through the pages listed below or view the complete Scouting Times as a single PDF file (2Mb) by clicking here. 

Enjoy and find out about forthcomming events and what has been happening in our County over the last few months. All past and future County events (and known details about them) are listed on the County Website ( and included in the County Calendar on the website. If you have any updates, please e-mail them to

As you'll see lots has been going on across the County recently and there are lots more activities planned for the coming months. Use the opportunities and get involved.

The next Scouting Times is planned for publication after Easter 2018, so if you have anything to contribute, please send it to by the end of March 2018 (or earlier).


ShireJam 2019

We are delighted that we are able to organise Hereford and Worcester’s County Camp in 2019. Information can be found at

It will be available for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Young Leaders, Network and Adults. You may be aware that the Camp will start on Friday 5th July 2019 and finish on Sunday 7th July 2019 The Camp will be supported by a number of activity teams, National and Local Scout Active Support Units. 

We are now after support from members to get involved with activities, administration and organisation. We are asking for volunteers to take a lead in pre-event roles as well as volunteers to plan activities for the jamboree. We have had a lot of support suggesting ideas and formats. A number of National teams have been signed up to help at the camp, local SASu and Guilds too!

We have the following vacancies and information found at :

We’re excited to start to build our team, and welcome applications from young and old and if you have ideas and enthusiasm, we want to hear from you. If you want to help please get in touch.

Please provide as much information as you can in your responses.  We really would like to hear from you or someone you think maybe interested to be part of this amazing team.

We are looking to have some roles in place by the end of February 2018 so please get in touch if you are interested or nominate.

Please get in touch by emailing or use this online contact form.

World Scout Jamboree H&W Unit

Hereford and Worcester (Unit 81) 
Attending the 24th World Scout Jamboree

The countdown is on. In 18 months, 36 young people from the Herefordshire and Worcestershire County will be venturing overseas to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree. This year, for the very first time, a tripartite Jamboree is taking place between Mexico, Canada and the host Country USA. All 36 of these young people worked extremely hard to get in to Unit 81 (a.k.a. The Heart of the Kingdom). They had to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, personalities and prove to the 4 unit leaders why they should be chosen to attend the Jamboree. But that was just the beginning of their journey…

For anyone looking to attend a Jamboree or previously having attended one, you will know that the Jamboree is not just about the 10 day gathering with Scouts from all over the world, but also about the journey they will have along the way.

Over the next 18 months, Unit 81 will be looking to focus on their personal development, planning on their own experiences and getting to know their whole unit. We kick started this journey with a camp in December at Blackwell Court. Braving the snowy weather; and many snowball fights, the Young People experienced their first time camping altogether.


They fed back their ideas and views on how their unit should behave, how they wanted to develop from the Jamboree and future camps they wanted to attend. They also started to appreciate some cultural differences they may be faced with when we meet Scouts from all over the World and certain behaviours and beliefs which may different to their own and how to respect these. 


Due to the timely manner of the camp it seemed only fitting that Christmas should be celebrated so in true Scouting spirit a full Christmas dinner was cooked on the burners and party games were played late into the night. A heavy downfall of snow in the night meant an unscheduled team building exercise early Sunday morning to ensure we could safely get out of Blackwell. With the tents and equipment packed away swiftly they had a couple of hours to work in their newly formed patrols to plan elements of their next camp. With everyone safely departed, Unit 81 members went their separate ways.


However, their journey continues constantly even whilst we are not altogether. Already some great efforts have been made to fundraise across our County to support these 36 participants in attending the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

Our next camp will see Unit 81 navigating a large City (London). This will help them to get a feel for the transportation systems and sense of volume that they will find themselves experiencing during their travels to and whilst at the Jamboree. Later in the year we will be doing an expedition camp (there is a lot of walking and navigating needed on this Jamboree site) and a summer camp to Brownsea Island. With several more camps in the diary, Unit 81 will have bonded a great deal in the next 18 months all leading to have an adventure of a lifetime (and lots of laughs along the way!) 


World Scout Jamboree Badge


Top Awards 2018


Adult Training

Adult Training Courses 

Applications for training courses are rather slow this year so please take a few moments to see if you need any of them.

You will be able to see the full programme of courses for this year and 2019 in the Training Bulletin circulated last autumn.  If you have mislaid your Training Bulletin you can find a copy at this link on the County website by clicking hereThe course calendars are on pages 7 (2018) and 8 (2019).

Mandatory Ongoing Learning 

It seems that many Leaders have forgotten to check to see if their mandatory ongoing learning is up to date.  We are all obliged to try to ensure that our first aid, safety and safeguarding training is kept up to date.

The County Training Team are able to offer Safeguarding and Safety Workshops locally if there is sufficient demand.  Contact your District Commissioner to ask for a local training opportunity to be arranged.

Alternatively both Safeguarding and Safety training is available on line at  If you choose the e-learning option you will need to notify your Line Manager when you have completed the training so that they can arrange for your training record on Compass to be updated.

First Aid training needs to be up to date if you are due an appointment review.  It also must be up to date if you have completed all of your training and are due to be awarded as Wood Badge.  We have a number of Leaders who cannot have their Wood Badges yet because they have not kept their First Aid up to date.

So the clear message is


Executive Training

Are all our Group, District and County Executive Committee members aware of their responsibilities and up to date with current requirements?  Probably not is the common answer - a situation that only gets worse if we don't take action.

For example, are they all aware of changes introduced in the update to Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) in March 2017 including the one that now mandates that the annual statement of accounts must be in the format of one of four model annual statements?

Don't worry - we are here to help. The County offer intensive half day Executive Training Courses that: 

  • Cover all the basic requirements of Group, District and County Executive Committee Members (the charity trustees for each level)
  • Provide guidance and best practice for how to go about doing things in an effective and efficient manner whilst complying with all the Charity Commission and Scout Association requirements.
  • Provide support information for immediate use and so that you can later find out about all those unusual events that only occur once in life time. 
  • Provide question and answer sessions to address particular points of concern or issues from the participants.
  • Leave the participants feeling that they really understand their role and responsibilities for the first time.

These courses receive great feedback and are usually arranged and hosted by Districts for all their Group and District Executive members.  We typically accomodate between 12 and 50 attendees at one of the courses.If you feel that one would be useful in your area, please get your District Commissioner or Local Training Manager to make arrangements for a course with John Day (DCC Adult Support).  

Please always remember that Scouting cannot function without our adult volunteers, who cover so many important roles, including Executive Committee members. We must therefore ensure that they understand their roles and responsibilities and have the appropriate training, support and guidance to enable them to effectively undertake the roles. 



Young Leaders

Become an Young Leader Expert!!

  • Do you have young leaders? 
  • Do you know what they should do?
  • What modules they should really do?
  • What are missions and why should they do them?
  • Who is there to support you and them?

Come along to the ongoing training session being hosted at Perdiswell Young People's Lesiure Centre on 4th February 2018. Contact John Day (DCC Adult Support) to book a place ASAP - e-mail

Operation Bald Eagle

A warm October weekend  welcomed over 500 Scouts and their Leaders from all corners of Hereford & Worcester and Gloucestershire to Rhydd covert Campsite for our Annual Operation Bald Eagle Scout Camp.

A variety of canvas colours and designs covered every campsite, and as darkness descended on Friday evening, the excited chatter of Scouts filled the air as they set about their Friday Night Challenge.

The chattering continued throughout Saturday daytime with all the teams visiting the all new exciting day base challenges. An early evening meal and as darkness began to fall, Scouts clad in high viz jackets, gathered as they set off on the night time Incident Hike. Here Scouts faced another set of innovative base challenges including the popular wall. The scent of burgers and hot dogs filled the air as Scouts returned from the event and despite the lateness of the hour were still chattering as they tucked into the hot food.

Early Sunday and all were safely back in camp. Some couple of hours later the first silence of the weekend was heard at the site!

Sunday morning after a big clean up, we gathered to say farewell. We began with the Hereford & Worcester County Commissioner, Sid, presenting a Scout from St Michael’s Scout Group with his Chief Scout Award. Finally Sarah appeared with the results of the various Challenges, and the Certificates and Trophies were presented.

Explorer Scouts led a short parting thought and lowered the flag on a very successful weekend.

Our Largest OBE event ever was a success! – Congratulations and thanks must go to the organising team who had worked together for many weeks and spent endless nights dreaming of new challenges. Not for them a Trophy to take home but the satisfaction of having Done Their Best………..  and more.

The planning for OBE 2018  has already begun – Look out for more information on the website.           
Dates: 12th 13th 14th October 2018.  

The 2017 Trophy winners are shown below and the full 2017 results are on the OBE website; link:

 The OBE Trophy 1st - 1st Colwall (Pardon?)
2nd - 1st Colwall (What?)
3rd - 9th Kidderminster (Wolves)

 Friday Night Challenge

1st Dursley (The Pink Panthers) 

 Day Base Challenge 1st - Stourport St Michaels (St Michaels A)
2nd - 1st Colwall (What?)
3rd - 1st Colwall (Pardon?)
 Night Base Challenge 1st - 9th Kidderminster (KD9 Wolves)
2nd - 1st Barnt Green (Barnt Green Falcons)
3rd - 1st Colwall (Pardon?)


Tryangle Awards 2018

Online nominations are now open for 2018. You can nominate young people in the following categories: 

  • Bravery
  • Arts and Music
  • Sports
  • Good Friends and Carers
  • Citizenship and Environment
  • Personal Development

The Adult Volunteer Award award acknowledges the outstanding contribution that adult volunteers make to our clubs and organisations; celebrating the special or remarkable who make a real difference to the young people in Worcestershire.

Please see the
website for full details and how to make nominations.


Hereford Gang Show 2018























Over 140 Scouts and Guides will take to The Courtyard stage at Easter for the 26th Hereford Gang Show. Rehearsals are well underway, and the excitement is starting to build amongst members of the biggest cast the show has ever seen.

Producer Ian Strangward is pleased with progress made to date: “We have a fantastic show, and the cast are doing well - but there’s still lots of hard work ahead before we get to where I want us to be by Easter!”.

For anyone asking “what is a Gang Show?", it can best be described as a variety show - two hours of pure entertainment: song, dance and lots of sketches and other items all designed to have the audience tapping their feet, laughing out loud and generally having a great time.

For the cast, the rehearsal process and show week enable new and life-long friendships to be made, provide the opportunity to develop their self-confidence - and (as Ian says) “ learn to work hard & have fun at the same time!”.

What the cast want more than anything else is a packed audience to perform to at every performance. 

Tickets are on sale from The Courtyard Box Office (01432 340555 or so get yours now for a guaranteed night of fun!

South Marches Update

In November, South Marches District hosted an event at the Shire Hall in Hereford, where the efforts and enthusiasm of young people who have achieved the top award in their section was recognised.

The event was also attended by Major Patrick Darling. Major Darling is a former High Sheriff of Herefordshire, who farms the Caradoc Estate at Sellack, near Ross-on-Wye.

Caroline Powell, whose sons are connected to 1st Holmer group and were both receiving awards said -

"I would like to say well done to the organisers of a wonderful evening at the Shire Hall last night!! A HUGE congratulations to all those who won awards! Lots of very proud people under one roof I bet! "

There has been a huge increase in the number of young people invited, which is due to the success, growth and development of Scouting in South Marches.



Youth Fun Days