There are so many elements to Scouting. Everyone has their own version, albeit to the same programme - we all work together for the right reasons. The other day I was talking to a Cub Leader who was most annoyed about how his Cubs couldn’t get any further than the current scheme for swimmer stages, so he created his own. This made me smile inwards, not because of the cheekiness at creating new badges or thinking those cubs can swim better than me - it was the dynamic thinking and creation of meeting the needs of the young people that was inspiring!

Everyone I have spoken to in my first few months are so passionate about why they do Scouting. They are so involved. Change is coming with the new vision and shortly we will be talking to as many people as we can to get their feedback. The way the County operates towards supporting you will change. We are looking at how we can best support you as leaders. Change won’t happen overnight nor will it for its own-sake.

The training programme is set for the next 12 months but it is being reviewed and different ideas are coming out. The 14+ team is growing and we now have a County Media Development Manager who will be in touch to understand how we can communicate ideas, programmes and events more effectively.

Some good news is around the corner. As a County, we will be purchasing OSM (Online Scout Manager) for all Groups to use. The details are still being finalised but it will work like a voucher system. Those who already have it will get their codes as their current subscription ends. Those who are new can crack on straight away! Look out soon for these details.

Our Roverway Patrol for 2018 has been selected and our 2019 World Scout Jamboree unit is being formed with the selection days at the end of September. We are working on the initial details for our County Camp in 2019. Moreover, a strategic overview is being worked of the County and how it operates in terms of supporting adults and the growth of youth membership.

You may know I am amalgamating Severn and Teme District with Kidderminster District and Worcester District. Not a light decision, but one that will benefit everyone. If you are a member in Severn and Teme District I hope after the transfer phase you will notice a difference.

As ever, I offer an open-door policy and happy to talk to anyone. If you have ideas get in-touch. If you are on social media, check out our Facebook pages and like us. If you fancy finding more information at being a part of the changes or events coming please email me.

We are the look-out for Scouting Skills trainers, programme advisors, expedition and camp planners and also anyone that would like to become a Group Scout Leader opening new groups in their District or may be out of District!

Robert Sidley, County Commissioner