First term for 1st Weobley Beavers

In July 1st Weobley Beavers completed their first term since being formed. It has been an amazing first term for all of them. The new Leaders and Beavers have accomplished so much in a short space of time.

The new Leaders we are immensely proud of their new Colony and how well it has all gone. They are also very proud of their Beavers; so much so that they spoke to the headmaster (Mr Warrell) of their school to inform him of their journey. Mr Warrell was excited to hear all about what the Beavers had done and what they have been up to and wanted to share it with the whole school in their Golden Assembly.

1st Weobley Beavers proudly wore their uniforms, displaying their badges, in front of the whole school and parents. Mr Warrell can't wait to hear all about what they will be doing next term and encourages them all to bring their badges in to show everyone.